Petit Bocal

Petit Bocal is no new hyped-up trend. It remains a firm Mt Eden favourite that consistently delivers great food. The menu may sound rather unexciting as it comprises of variations of bread – baguettes, eggs benny, croissants etc, but you can be certain that the food will hearty and most importantly, delicious. Their coffees are […]

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The Glass Goose: Frosé + Prosé

If you haven’t been to this rooftop bar and eatery yet, I urge you to. Situated outside SkyCity beside the infamous Depot and Federal Delicatessen on Federal Street, The Glass Goose is designed to mimic the look and feel of a glasshouse to provide an abundance of natural sunlight in the day, and twinkling views […]

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Aglio e Olio

A short Spring ago, we decided to make an Italian classic pasta dish Aglio e Olio, aka Garlic Oil Pasta. Or rather, I observed, offered unwanted and unhelpful comments, stood and loomed over the table with my neck craned against the ceiling to get the flatlay shot, and constantly attempted to sabotage the dish by […]

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Devon on the Wharf

Devonport is a picturesque little suburb that makes it feel like a quaint tourist town rather than a part of Auckland, and makes for a great place to spend the day, perhaps admiring the impressive grandeur of the Victorian/ Edwardian inspired buildings (especially the Devonport Library), relaxing at one of the many cafes peppering the […]

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Duck Duck Goose – revisited

Easter, how I love you so. After promising to return to Duck Duck Goose as soon as possible after my first visit (read it here), the months drew on as everyone’s work schedules clashed making it difficult to form a proper brunch day outing (was about to insert a comment thanking someone for his sacrifice […]

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It was during that sudden downpour last week that we decided to venture out to the shore to have a family dinner at Artwok. Thanks to the ongoing holiday mode, the motorway was relatively clear with no congestion in sight despite the rain. We made a rather haphazard dash in the rain for the restaurant […]

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Papparich Sylvia Park

Hooray for better dining options at Sylvia Park! New Zealand is finally catching up to the impressive range of cafes and restaurants you’d find in shopping malls overseas, and Papparich is the kind of choice that everyone can enjoy. The store at Sylvia Park signifies its second branch in New Zealand. I was invited to […]

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