Ortolana and Milse



After seeing Two Honest Truth’s delightful post (one of my favourite bloggers for what’s hot in the food scene! Actually, after going back to retrieve the link for that post, I just realised how extremely similar this post is. I didn’t realise until now x_x) and hearing my friend from uni rave about this place, I finally, finally got my wish and paid Ortolana a visit! I went with the usual girls for our usual CT (Coffee Thursdays), well this was on a Monday but we still label it as CT haha. We were lucky to get a table inside as it was a bit chilly outside, and were served soda water promptly. The seats alongside the walls are so comfy with the big, fat cushions! I immediately called shotgun on the inside seats, and sank into them with a sigh of content.



Eva ordered the Summerfruits iced tea which was beautiful, a bit too sweet for me, but it was strong in flavour. Not so much like real tea but more like those Lipton iced tea’s kind of “tea”. I ordered the Feijoa & Lemon house-made iced soda which was okay, not a stand out drink. It was a bit weak, I think some ginger would have been nice with it for some kaboom.

Chicken cotoletta, raw winter roots, lemon. Chicken was soft and tender, cooked to perfection.
Pillus pasta, mushroom, parmesan butter, yolk
Pillus pasta, mushroom, parmesan butter, yolk
Gnocchetti, poached egg, garden greens
Gnocchetti, poached egg, garden greens. I found the Gnocchetti quite cheese-y, but I don’t like cheese so that’s just my personal preference. I think it’s probably normal for gnocchi to have that amount though?
Beetroot, cumin, feta, hazelnuts, lasagnotte
Beetroot, cumin, feta, hazelnuts, lasagnotte. Once again, I disliked the feta cheese in here but the beetroot was delicious with the pops of hazelnuts scattered throughout. A light and tasteful dish.
Open Kitchen

After that, we popped into Milse next door as Eva was very keen to try it. Once again upon sitting down, we were served soda water. Must the be trend in Britomart!


Back left- Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Gelato Stick Back right- Vanilla, Chocolate & Berry Jelly Gelato Stick Front- Raspberry, Rose, Chocolate & Vanilla
Back left- Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Gelato Stick
Back right- Vanilla, Chocolate & Berry Jelly Gelato Stick
Front- Raspberry, Rose, Chocolate & Vanilla

I quite like the flavours of the gelato here! The salted caramel was subtly salty which brought out the caramel flavour. It was spot on, not sickeningly sweet which is what I feared whenever I see caramel and dessert together. However, I’m not sure the salt was the right kind of salt to tie up the flavours (?) It didn’t quite blend in with the caramel.. Although I like the gelato sticks here, I still think Giapo does them the best :) Lily and I tried the Raspberry Rose last time and enjoyed it enough, but this time must have gone wrong or something because Eva found it strangely sour and odd tasting.

Honestly, I’m not the right type of person to be able to appreciate what Milse has to offer. I like it, but I wouldn’t rave about their cakes or gelato, I’m just pretty meh about it… However, I really really do appreciate their macarons (lavender!) and chocolates (rosemary!) and got those two takeaway. They are the first and only place I’ve encountered with those flavours, and boy do they really pull it off. It’s unique and exciting so I love it.



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