Aunty Ming’s carrot cake

Hello! It’s been about a month since I last blogged because I’ve hit the laziness syndrome..

Mum had requested for Aunty Ming’s carrot cake which was the most amazing carrot cake we had had at Surtr’s birthday party so we got her to tell us the recipe which Lily jotted down. Unfortunately, the only thing Lily jotted down was the ingredients since Aunty Ming just told her “Mix it all up in a bowl and then bake it”,  so I had no idea what order to mix things up in, whether to beat the eggs until creamy and white or not. My first attempt was okay, not the greatest because of the order I added the ingredients in. The maple syrup totally froze up when it hit the batter and wouldn’t beat evenly!! Thus, for my second attempt, I beat the maple syrup and oil and sugar together first and then incorporated the eggs in. The result- a lovely, moist, and rich carrot cake!!



I beat up cream cheese with some lemon zest, lemon juice, and sugar for the frosting. Mum bought the mixed nuts so I picked out the walnuts to place on top, and then crushed the rest (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds) for the side crumbs. Was beeaaaauuutiful <3 Next time if the nuts are on special, I’d fold them through the cake as well!





Now I’m craving mum’s pandan cake.. She’s been busy working so my sister and I have been cooking dinner and cleaning the house for the past month which has been quite fun! We’re quite used to it since she’s gone on holidays without us before (broken heart). Today, we decided to be a little crazy and take our love of green tea to the next level- by infusing it in our rice!! We put the rice in the rice pot as usual, but added in two teabags of green tea. The colour of the water was nice and green tea-y, and smelled amazing when cooked, but you couldn’t really taste it in the rice.. Maybe we should add 5 tea bags next time! Not sure if I was imagining it, but I swear the rice had a better texture because of the tea. I think tomorrow I shall sprinkle some matcha powder on top for a bigger hit hohoho.


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