Waiheke Island

After a lot of “what if’s” and “maybe’s”, we managed to settle on a date suitable for everyone for our trip to Waiheke Island! We had a voucher which cost $30 per person (there were four of us), for return ferries from Half-Moon Bay and Waiheke including our car! It was great, we could just kick back in our car on the ferry (was extremely amusing watching this older couple whip out their newspapers and read like they were in their living room and not a four wheel drive) and also drive around the Island.

My initial hopes of going to Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant was dashed as they were fully booked. Our second choice was Cable Bay which also fully booked. As well as Stony Ridge. Seems like everyone decided to venture out on the same day as us. We were lucky enough to get a table at Te Whau (and I say very lucky, because every table had a ‘RESERVED’ sign. We must have gotten the very last one!) which has a lengthy list of awards and accolades to it’s name. There were great views, and the restaurant interior was bright and warm (albeit a little clinical in design) despite the gloomy weather.

This is what I think Peter Pan’s Neverland would look like. I’m sure it’s like this in a movie or a book somewhere?

I ordered a Seared Tuna Steak- agradolce salsa, vincotto, smoked fish and lemon croquettes ($41.50)

IMG_4706-3aI adored this dish. It may have been something to do with the fact that I was hungry, but the salsa was so vibrant and flavoursome, the dressing was subtle but powerful in the way it brought out the fresh flavours of the tomatoes and vegetables. The tuna wasn’t as fresh as sashimi, but still great nevertheless. I think my mainas well as Lily’s (she ordered the Twice Cooked Duck) were the stand-outs of the menu.

Te Whau Vineyard and Cafe
218 Te Whau Drive, PO Box 167, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Website: tewhau.co.nz

We debated on whether to have dessert or not, then decided to refrain in hopes that Cable Bay or Stony Ridge had tables freed up. Unfortunately they still weren’t, so we ventured into town for a quick browse around and enjoyed some trusty ice cream favourites from 4 Square :D Perhaps it was because we had already done our ‘vineyard hopping’ in Matakana that we felt there wasn’t much to explore in Waiheke. Also, the fact that half the vineyards were closed for functions made the island a little less exciting. The beach however, is a must!


P.S. I was wearing shorts, and not flashing any poor, innocent people!
P.S. I was wearing shorts, and not flashing any poor, innocent people!

I now realise what a lot of blogging I have to catch up on. I was about to mention how I used my dslr backpack that day and how great it was but then I realised I never got around to writing about it. Arghhh!! Time to get moving!


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