Miss Clawdy

IMG_5144-3aIt is to my humble shame that I had never ventured into the newly developed Wynyard Quarters of North Wharf/ Silo Park before, despite it having quickly risen to popularity given the hyped up new eateries which send bloggers and instagrammers alike into a social media frenzy. I could offer up feeble excuses such as the fact that my friends despise walking, or that my navigation skills would almost certainly lead me to a dead end even if I held a GPS in my hand, but both of those reasons were blown away when I made my way there via walking from the Britomart Train Station. What was I thinking? Really, if you haven’t made your way there (I doubt many people haven’t yet/ I’m just slow), I urge you to go. The walking distance is short and enjoyable, and a spacious oasis awaits on the other side of the bridge.

My destination in particular was the famed Miss Clawdy, whose cuisine is described as South and Central Americas (think Orleans and Mexican) and I am already in love. No jokes. I was afraid of going for a while because I’ve had previous experiences of going to the latest hyped up places and feeling disappointed/ let down, which in turn makes me feel bad for not liking the place and I spend the rest of the week wondering what is wrong with me. Luckily, Miss Clawdy is a definite thumbs up.

To start with drinks, I had the Otago Tea- Lemon and Ginger which arrived in the cutest tea cup and hourglass with instructions for how to brew your tea.


We were also given complimentary Spicy Popcorn to nibble on. Light, buttery, sweet, spicy,  and crunchy- it’s the little thoughts that count, and this was a sweet touch to the meal.

IMG_5136-2aGrilled Fish with pico de gallo, shredded iceberg ($6). This was delightful- it was refreshingly light, and gave that mexican spicy kick which was rounded off with the tang of freshly squeezed lemon, and lovingly wrapped in the slightly crisped tortilla. This is 10 times better than the one I had in Mexico Britomart.

IMG_5137-2aPulled pork with green apple cabbage slaw, micro coriander ($6). These tacos are great value for money, if you have a bigger appetite, I was told the Po boys were great but make sure you leave room for some sides and dishes to share!


Miss Clawdy Slaw ($7) jumped out on the menu, we figured since it was in bigger letters, it must be a signature dish. Slightly pickled with crisp apple slices- a great and healthy side dish.

Chargrilled Baby Kumara, macadamia nut crumble, orange oil, parsley ($7). This was beautifully presented, and tasted like a cross between a kumara and pumpkin. The macadmia nut crumble would have been nicer if it was more crunchy to give texture to the dish though.

Corn Bread with Chilli Oil ($7) is a must try for a true South American experience. It came out looking rather charred (it didn’t taste burnt though), but I love my bread well toasted so this was absolutely perfect for me, but may be a bit burnt for some others. Crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside, it’s more of a cake sort of bread texture. IMG_5143a


I love how this is reasonably priced, and I highly recommend you come with a couple of friends to share and taste all the dishes. Now I’m torn between ordering the same dishes again next time since they were perfectly delightful, and trying the other equally delicious sounding dishes.


3 thoughts on “Miss Clawdy

  1. Ah, you didn’t have the Fried Jerk Chicken. It’s the best! I’ve found the food quality consistency at the place is becoming a problem for me though. Some things will be great the first time and terrible the next. Service doesn’t seem quite as great as they first opened either :( But the chicken is amaze!

    1. I’ll be sure to try the Jerk Chicken next time, I’m already planning on bringing some friends there. Hope the food inconsistency problem improves then :O Not a fan of Cherry flavoured things though, but the all drinks do look and sound good, is it different to the usual cherry flavour?

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