Silo Park Cinemas: The Lion King

I was ecstatic to be able to watch The Lion King in Silo Park on Friday! Whilst catching up with my cousins at Villa Maria, I discovered that they too, were planning to go so I immediately jumped onto the bandwagon (having had no one to go with before). All of a sudden, everyone I knew wanted to go so we had quite a gathering. The more the merrier!


Even L, who originally was not keen on going, changed her mind as we arrived.

The walk was enjoyable as we followed the throngs of people to Silo Park.  My excitement levels were as high as the sky when I saw the masses- it felt like a festival. We power walked through to try and grab some good seats but as usual, got distracted. Stopped by Yogoberry to get my favourite frozen yoghurt, stopped to take some photos, stopped to just admire the scenery, stopped to gaze at the Merry Go Round wistfully..

Nevertheless, we made it in good time, and luckily our cousins had already secured a territory for us close to the screen. Since it was only 7pm, we wandered around to explore the markets and came across Mactiserrie Macarons!

hThey were just so pretty and cute, we couldn’t resist buying some.

Clockwise from bottom left: Snickers, Boysenberry Swirl, Chocolate Mint, Raspberry Coconut.
Vanilla Coconut Macaron

mOh my lord, these macarons were amazing. I loved the dark chocolate ganache inside, and the macaron shells were full and chewy. The Snickers was by far the best, I felt like I died and went to heaven with the first bite. I’m sorry Milse, but I think these macarons are 100x better. During my recent visits there, their macaron shells were hollow and frankly didn’t taste fresh. The fact that they shrunk the sizes of the macarons as well has put me off, and I was gutted because they were the only place that I could find with fresh macarons. Thank you Mactisserie, you have saved my life. I worship your macarons. Truly. (P.S. There seems to be a debate over Macaron or Macaroon. Personally, I prefer the French term Macaron, since Macaroon also refers to the coconut cookie..

The market also had these adorable trinkets which were hard to resist buying.g

I spy with my little eye... Totoro!!
I spy with my little eye….. Totoro!!

The movie was a great way to relax with a group of friends and family. As shameful as this sounds.. it was my first time watching The Lion King. I did know the songs, but was surprised they originated from that movie. I love how people of all ages gathered here in good spirits to enjoy a movie close to their hearts. Disney, you never fail to disappoint <3




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