First things first, this place was not what I had expected when I first walked in parked outside. The cafe blends in very well with the worn, tired block of shops that may have been an old dairy or chinese takeaway, but don’t let that fool you. Oh no, L’oeuf, you may have cleverly disguised yourself like those hidden gems but I have finally found you. From the looks of this place, I would never have guessed the food to be presented so prettily the way it was.

I ordered The Nest,  which was a beautiful piece of art on a plate. It looked simple yet so complex and I found this dish to be near faultless. The beetroot ketchup was divine with its subtle spices of cinnamon and sweetness from dates or prunes, and I could not get enough of it to the point I was almost about to lick the plate clean, holding back only by reminding myself of the importance of table manners. I am still lusting after the recipe for that beetroot ketchup, even several days later whilst writing this up.

There is a fine line between an overdressed and an underdressed salad and L’oeuf cleverly overcame this by putting the beetroot ketchup underneath the salad so you could mix in as much and as little as you like. The eggs came nestled in the filo pastry looking deliciously fried, crumbed and hot, and the smell wafted over you tantalisingly once the dish was brought to you.

The combination of the fried crumbed egg, the fresh rocket leaves, and the powerfully subtle, savoury yet sweet beetroot ketchup was enough to send me to food heaven. If there’s a dish that screams my name all over it, it’s this one. I wasn’t a fan of the filo pastry nest however, it tasted like the oil wasn’t fresh/ came out a chinese takeaway shop.


My sister ordered The Geisha which looked eye-catchingly vibrant and fresh. Although this dish was good as in there wasn’t anything bad about it, there just wasn’t anything exciting either for me. The dressing was sesame oil with soy sauce and the tiniest hint of a fresh tang of lemon perhaps, but I found this dish was playing it quite safe without any bold or memorable feelings to linger on your palate once finished. The pickled ginger was delicious, and it’s a good thing there was plenty there shaped into a cute rose bud- I happily devoured the lot since my sister is not a fan of ginger.

We also ordered a Homemade Chai Latte to go which I was anticipating greatly but did not like it at all. This chai tasted literally like a cup of hot milk with a tablespoon of mixed spices. Even though I added sugar after, it tasted like.. well, not Chai Latte. It was missing that “tea” factor.

I would happily return and have already been raving about this place to my friends. No doubt I’d order The Nest again, and probably bully a friend into ordering different items from the menu so I can sneak bites off them *shameless*.


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