Honey Cafe // Laundromat Cafe & Gallery


Located in Takapuna is a light and airy cafe called Honey, with a modern and stylish interior complemented with the few odd bright and quirky coloured chairs scattered around.

I ordered the Mushrooms on Toast with Truffle Oil ($15.00). I found this quite rich and creamy, and the mushrooms were overwhelming. Me, overwhelmed by mushrooms?! What! First time in my life, but the flavour did come off too strong and I felt queasy after a few bites. I was also disappointed that the majority of mushrooms were button mushrooms, and only a few slivers of Portobello, fungi, etc.  IMG_8160IMG_8157-2

E ordered Eggs Benedict Honey Style with fresh spinach on top of two potato croquettes and hollandaise sauce ($19.00). The egg yolks were perfectly runny and the hollandaise was lifted with a spritz of zestiness, but was visibly grainy and lacked the silky smoothness on the palate. I’m not sure what to think of the Potato Croquettes in Eggs Benedict, it really goes against the grain. I’m sure they could have incorporated the croquettes into another dish instead of Eggs Benny, but maybe this was to accommodate dietary options. (Can’t be Low Carb diet since they’ve essentially replaced carbs with carbs, not really Vegan since it’s EGGS benedict.. I’m not very knowledgeable about dietary requirements so.. maybe Gluten Free…)IMG_8168IMG_8166

Perhaps we had just chosen the wrong options, I saw a neighbouring table tucking into salads that looked generous, healthy, and vibrant with crisps of fried mango and regretted my decision for the shrooms.  The staff were amiable and friendly, and even though the food didn’t quite deliver, I felt like this was a kind of place I would be a local favourite if I lived in Takapuna. I think another visit with different menu choices will decide that. They also have a selection of cabinet items of sweets and pastries that were photo drool-worthy.


Honey Cafe // 12 Huron Street, Takapuna

Afterwards, we went to Laundromat Cafe & Gallery for coffee. We originally couldn’t decide between Laundromat or Honey for brunch, but decided on Honey since Laundromat only has cabinet options available. Yes. It’s called Laundromat like a clothes cleaning store. I was extremely amused by this,- why would you name your cafe like that? *Insert Rataouille conversation about how Ratatouille sounds like Rat and Patootie, and doesn’t make it sound sound delicious at all.*

I discovered why after we ordered out coffee. Laundromat is a cafe and clothing concept store with the store (and hair salon too?) being next door. We ordered a Chai Latte which I love but always find risky to order as I’ve had more disasters than successes, but this was thankfully perfectly adequate, and a Mocha which was strangely rather watery…

The cafe has the whole urban hipster vibe going with scatterings of trinkets and art adorning the walls, and the design-space kind of comfy leather and velvet couches smoothly blending in with the typical cafe tables.IMG_8199IMG_8195IMG_8211IMG_8205Bring along a friend who will appreciates architecture and design. E did the cutest shudder of delight when she saw these chairs and tables. Can I just say that I’m finding it a bit ironic how hipster used to be all about being unique and different (almost snobbily proud) but now it’s just mainstream (for lack of better word).

Laundromat Cafe & Gallery // 38A Barrys Point Road, Takapuna

Proof-reading this post, it’s surprisingly negative considering it was a really positive day for me (ooops). I’ll justify that by saying life is full of surprises. You never know what’s going to happen next…. *onimous tone*. Or something like that.




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