Grasshopper Thai

My friends and I have an unanimous agreement on Thai food being a group favourite for those special occasions for dining out. We never really debate about choosing a cuisine that suits everyone’s palate , Thai usually just happens. The celebration in case was for K’s 21st birthday- the first of many 21st celebrations to come! Originally, the venue was to be Monsoon Poon, but they don’t do bookings which she wasn’t keen on risking (Friday night, everybody’s out), so Grasshopper Thai was up. It describes itself as Modern Thai cuisine, and boy does it prove that right. The restaurant itself is vast and spacious that resembles a hotel in a way (Hector’s Restaurant?), has an open kitchen, and well laid out dining arrangements. EDIT: It is a hotel restaurant- Stamford Plaza. Well. That explains it.


To start, we ordered a few drinks to celebrate. I ordered the Lychee Bubble Martini ($12) which was strong! Rather ironic since I have the weakest alcohol tolerance in the group, yet my drink was the strongest. A few sips and the Asian Flush was induced.IMG_8345

Poo ordered the Mango Mojito ($12) which was sweet and fruity with a small hint of alcohol.  I should have probably swapped mine with hers.IMG_8346

There was a large graduation party taking place when we were there, and every time I see another large group party, I brace myself for a long wait ahead for the food, and absent customer service. I’m happy to say this was not the case. The wait for the food was appropriate, and our water glasses filled frequently by the lovely staff that checked up on everyone with large jugs of water.

Everyone ordered different dishes such as Gaeng Karee Gai: Aromatic yellow curry with chicken and potatoes ($23.50)IMG_8353

Garlic and pepper Squid stir fry with broccoli, sweet soy sauce ($23.50)

I ordered the Tender slices of beef with oyster sauce, mushrooms, ginger and capsicum ($23.50). Great smokey flavour with plenty of beef (was underneath).IMG_8356

Well, there were too many dishes to capture but others included Pad Thai which was on the sweet side, Free range chicken stir fry which I may or may not have helped demolish more than my own dish because it was so, so delicious, and sizzling beef served on a sizzling hot plate.

IMG_8358My advice is: order the coconut rice! Rice cooked in coconut milk makes normal jasmine rice seem boring in comparison. Not healthy for you of course, but it’s a treat once in a while :)

Overall, I don’t think this was very authentic per se,  but it was delightful all the same. It’s a great venue for celebrations, an excuse to wear a pretty dress, and your taste buds and stomach will be immensely satisfied.


Grasshopper- Stamford Hotel

22-26 Albert Street

Auckland CBD, Auckland




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