Uncle Man


A new joint has just opened up on K’ Road! Uncle Man’s food may be familiar to those who visit the annual Chinese Lantern Festival as one of busy street stalls (under a different name at that time) pushing out food to the hungry crowds, and has now opened up a permanent location in the midst of the city.

My friend happens to be the family behind this new restaurant, and there was nothing like good, home-style comfort food to warm the heart in this ever-increasingly cold weather. The restaurant is small, and run with the whole family involved including the help of their Uncle who you’ll easily spot as the man making fresh, flying roti next to the cashier/kitchen.

The menu has Malaysian as well as European and Chinese style options.

We ordered Nasi Goreng- Malaysian-style fried rice with prawns and chicken, topped with fried egg ($11.50).


Chicken Nibbles- 1/2 dozen double coated nibbles with house chilli sauce ($8.00). IMG_8140-2 IMG_8144-2

Satay Ayam- 6 chicken satay skewers with cubed rice, cucumber, onions and peanut sauce ($12.00). The satay sauce was addicting as all satay sauces are. It’s the kind of sauce you should be bringing a tub with you everywhere to add to everything you eat. The cubed rice was… interesting…


And the part I was looking forward to the most: Roti Canai- plain roti served with dhal curry($7.50). Soft tissues of roti freshly made to order with a full view of it flying through the air like pizza dough.

IMG_8149-2 IMG_8152-2

A huge thumbs up to Uncle Man for taking this big step towards a new venture and I wish them success for the future. Show them some love, please?

Uncle Man
277 Karangahape Road
Auckland, New Zealand

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