Tiny Tea teatox review

Anyone on Instagram will probably have heard of Your Tea: Tiny Tea teatox. It has been taking the world (okay, well the countries they currently ship it to anyway) by a storm for a reason, and that reason is because it works and it’s safe. It’s not advertising itself as a weight loss tea (that many people get sucked into in hopes of a quick fix). Tiny Tea is aimed at improving your digestive system, decreasing bloating, and restoring you body back to its original health before modern day lifestyles, sugars, fats, stress, inactivity and emotions unravelled it. I stress again- it is not for weight loss. That part is simply a possible side effect if you eat right and exercise well along with the help of Tiny Tea nudging along your metabolism so it runs faster and smoother.


This is actually my second time with Tiny Tea. I ordered the 14 day teatox a few months ago when they had their free shipping offer, and was waiting for that to promotion again, but it didn’t :/ Since they’re currently having a 10% off discount (Use coupon code: 10FLASH), I decided to order it again since I loved it so much, but this time, I ordered the 28 day teatox. Results may vary between people, this is just based on my experience :)


What is Tiny Tea? 

My intricately balanced herbal blend will nourish and cleanse your digestive system, providing it the support it needs to replenish and restore back to its natural state. This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances. Formulated with Chinese medicine herbs and based upon Chinese medicinal principles, TinyTea is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect. TinyTea has been created by qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners with considerable years of experience.



You get 3 tea bags per day of your teatox to be consumed half an hour before or after each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


I found this part hard because I tend have small, multiple snacks during the afternoon rather than having a full lunch meal. They say you should avoid eating cold, raw food but I do it anyway (shhh) because I can’t live without my usual Green Smoothie in the mornings! Drinking the tea before a meal helps reduce your hunger/ appetite but this was a bit tedious as you have to really plan ahead. I usually brew my tea about 45 mins before a meal- Boil water, pour it in, let is steep for 5 mins, let it cool for 10 mins, and then consume. It takes a surprisingly long time.

It’s quite strong so you can make 2 cups of tea out of one tea bag. I usually put it in my Kathmandu bottle so I can sip away without refilling, but put it in a nice teacup below for photo purposes ;)


Some people have said they didn’t like the taste, and that it tastes quite earthy. I was surprised when I tried it because I didn’t find the taste.. surprising? Possibly because I drink jasmine tea everyday, and that is quite strong for people who don’t normally drink it, so I was able to drink this tea without a second thought to the taste. All in all, it’s quite similar to Jasmine in the “earthiness”, and I found it easy to consume.

Energy: What I experienced the most while consuming this was the energy it gave me. On the first day, it hit me quite hard and I was buzzing around for the whole day. (I don’t think it’s a placebo effect either, I analysed every possible situation as critically as possible for an honest review). So much that I actually went for a run to burn off that excess energy which I was ecstatic about because I’ve been slacking off for the past year with running. The next few days and weeks was not as obvious, but I did feel more motivated to face the day when I woke up in the mornings rather than slumping back onto my bed and burrowing myself under the covers again.

Bloating: The tea also claims to ease bloating- which also worked wonders on me. I have a Too Much Information kind of thing to say, so I’ll just skip all that and just say it helps. End of story. Bye-bye lil pot belly :) There are many users on Instagram posting their before and after photos (#yourtea and #tinytea), but I will never have the guts to put up those kinds of photos. Feel free to ogle there instead hahah.

Skin Clarity: I didn’t notice any difference to my skin here, but then again, I don’t normally have any problems in this area.

Weight Loss: As above, I’m sceptical about this being used as a weight loss product. I don’t know if I lost any weight or not since my scales have been broken since 2 years ago. I don’t think so anyway. I did find that it helped motivate me more to start running again, but in the last week of my 14 day teatox, I was busy with uni assignments and didn’t have time. Or got lazy (ahem). As you can see, you’re not going to miraculously turn into a fitness fanatic- it’s still up to you whether or not you exercise/ lose weight.

I discovered that my 28 Day teatox supply was decreasing faster than it should have. Turns out my sister had been drinking this too (without knowing what it was, being the caveman she is), and also liked the tea’s effects so I’ve just ordered a box for her :)

Naturally, this is quite expensive at $35 NZD for 14 days, and $55 NZD for 28 days PLUS $10 shipping fee. However, it is well worth the price, and quite trustworthy as proved by the social network of Instagram. You can buy it from yourtea.com

Have you ever tried this or something similar? What do you think about teatoxing?


P.S. I do apologise for the lack of posts lately. My friends inadvertently discovered my blog which I’m feeling conflicted about right now (I had kept this hidden from everyone I personally knew), so I’m trying to jump over the hurdle of exposure I suppose. I did write a few posts but chickened out and made them private. MAN UP, TIFFANY.



7 thoughts on “Tiny Tea teatox review

    1. Thanks Liz! I think it varies for each country, but here, it’s $35 NZD for 14 days, and $55 NZD for 28 days plus $10 shipping. You can get it from yourtea.com and see if they ship to you :)

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