Mojo Café Newmarket

I’m not sure if it’s partly because I am currently obsessed with the Tiffany & Co shade of blue, but I am finding Mojo incredibly trendy right now. Or perhaps I’ve just hit the bandwagon a little late- it was in the Metro Top 50 last year. There are several Mojo cafés scattered around (four are in the CBD in fact), but for ease of access, we decided upon the Newmarket branch which goes by various names- Mojo Café, Mojo Garage, and Mojo CGR (as it’s located on Carlton Gore Road).

We were served by a lady who was very prompt, friendly and easygoing- she made us feel really welcome and relaxed. I like the slight vintage touch of the soda water bottle, which is served instead of your usual water. The tables and theme is a little reminiscent of The Food Truck Garage- understandably though since they’re both “garages”.
IMG_9218-2To drink, we ordered a Soy Chai Latte ($5.40). The chai usually comes in the tall glass cup, but I absolutely adore the blue teal coffee cups they serve there so I requested for that kind of cup which they graciously accommodated for with ease. IMG_9221IMG_9229-3It’s rather ironic as my friend was the one who was obsessed with the above cup which is supplied by Mojo itself, but somehow, I also fell head over heels for it’s irresistible charm. I’ve been converted to Soy Chai latte now. The Chai latte here has made it’s way onto the top of my list- it had the perfect amount of spice and the soy milk gave it that extra flavour and sweetness. I’m not too sure about the coffee however- they use their own Mojo coffee beans, but last time I tried a mochccino here, the coffee itself tasted burnt and bitter.

To eat, I ordered Basque-style baked eggs, tomato, capsicum & smoked paprika piperade ($16.50).

IMG_9236-2IMG_9233The eggs could have done with seasoning before being baked- they were rather bland on their own, but there was plenty of the tomato piperade to lovingly smother it in. Delicious and filling- but if I was to be nit-picky, the smokey paprika could have been stepped up a few notches too. It was very, very subtly spicy. Overall, a very enjoyable dish to devour.

My sister ordered Grilled Mushrooms on Sourdough, pesto, Zany Zeus feta ($16.50).IMG_9239-2IMG_9244-2This may be a little (okay, maybe very) biased because the grilled mushrooms turned out to be portobello, which we absolutely worship (heartshrooms = heart mushrooms, geddit? Ha.. ha.. *fades out awkwardly..*). The combination of portobello and sourdough is a match made in heaven, so it pretty much hit a 10/10 right there. The mushrooms were hiding underneath all the leafy greens, but as it’s a very hearty, rich and meaty mushroom, those greens were the perfect amount to counteract it.

The pesto was another divine component of the dish, and to make it even more perfect, they offered a poached egg on top at no extra charge. Yes, please! 


The dishes were very filling, and affordable at $16.50 each. The menu needs to be updated on their website however. And in a reverse order of events, below is a photo of when we first entered, with the gloomy weather bringing a bundle of joy to Auckland. Luckily, it changed its mind and cleared up when we left.


P.S. The journey to the toilet from the cafe is a hilarious process. You’ll find out when you go and walk through the doors ;)

Mojo Coffee

110 Carlton Gore Road

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    1. Thank you for reading Bonnie! What a coincidence your dog’s name was also Mojo. I half thought you might name your pets after different types of tea- that would be cute :D

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