Korea + Vietnam

This is half a year late, but whilst browsing my photos from my holiday last summer, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and pangs of longing to be back on that wondrous adventure in Asia. I also realized I had never actually posted my Korea photos (I lost one of my SD memory cards which had the bulk of the photos, but some were saved on another one). These photos below are from Jeju Island– listed as one of the Natural Seven Wonders of the World. Having watched many Korean dramas featuring this oasis, I was extremely excited to be there.

IMG_7686 Completely natural hexagonal rocks formed by volcanic magma and erosion from earth, waves, and wind.

Jeju is also famous for these Dol Hareubang statues that grace the paths of the Island. They’re considered to be Gods, offering protection and fertility. These statues are classically in the same position- one hand on top of another on their stomach. IMG_7639IMG_7593

My time of visit was during the end of their winter- but it was still bitingly chilly, which penetrated to my very core due to the strong gusts of winds. Now I know why Koreans are always wearing puffer jackets- they’re a lifesaver I tell you. I didn’t mind the cold (which is surprising as I absolutely despise winter in New Zealand), as it was a “dry” kind of cold- almost invigorating even, rather than wet and dreary.

Actually, I felt disappointed during this trip as we were on a tour package which left little room for us to be able to explore as much as we would have liked. 2 days was certainly not enough here, and it was spent visiting parts that would have been probably around the bottom of my list of things-to-do-in-Jeju-Island considering the many exciting opportunities here. This was definitely a tour catered for the elder population.

Below are some remainders from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam has such a bustling street life, there is so much to capture everywhere you turn. In case you missed it, my previous posts of Vietnam are:

Vietnam Part I

Hoi An

Picture 253

I also realized I never captured much of the food in Vietnam. As I mentioned in previous posts before, I feel weird photographing food I’m used to eating everyday. It’s more fun capturing things I don’t often encounter- hence going to eat out at European restaurants. However, I did manage to remember to take a photo at this restaurant we went to- which was quite fancy compared to the usual street food we had been having! It was a like dining at Eight at the Langham (a buffet with eight kitchens featuring different cuisines)- but really, it was just 20 spruced up street stalls come together in one restaurant.

Picture 123

Picture 121
Picture 119Picture 117

On a side note- I’ve changed my blog appearance! Hope it isn’t too confusing to navigate, and I also hope this is an upgrade rather than a downgrade from the previous. What do you think?


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      1. Aww, sure looks like it! Come see Christchurch, we have broken buildings, and a river! Lol its actually not so bad some hidden beauties for sure.

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