Taste of Auckland 2014

Where are you, Summer?? Exams are out, but the sun is not shining. Alright, Summer is actually two weeks away but Winter is clinging onto its last days with a dogged determination that I disapprove of. It’s not even letting Spring have much chance!

Yesterday, I received a ticket to Taste of Auckland, courtesy of Zomato. They have a stall there too, I popped in and won a notebook from the wheel spinner :D I am honestly so grateful for everything- whether it be a notebook, a restaurant voucher, or an event, and this is of course could be accessible for everyone if you sign up and simply start reviewing restaurants too :D

The weather wasn’t ideal on Thursday night, and that had its good and bad moments. The bonus was that the crowd was more subdued so parking was definitely a lot easier to find, and there was more leeway for eyeing up all the food and exhibitors. The downside was that the grass was atrociously muddy- I spied a well dressed man in a very smart suit- paired with gumboots. It looked hilarious but I envied him, at least his feet were dry and clean from mud! The entry fee is $30 at the door, and food from restaurants and exhibitors is additional. Eftpos is accepted, so there’s not need to worry about bringing cash.

P.S. There’s a lot of photos, sorry!

Tea from Tea Total. I didn’t try it, but their flavours sound intriguing.

IMG_9756 IMG_9762-2 IMG_9763 I did however, try this Cocoloco coconut water, and it was delicious! I usually hate coconut water but this was actually quite nice. My sister cannot stand anything coconut (coconut cream, coconut flavoured anything), but found this drinkable and pleasant enough for her taste buds. It was really cute too.


Of course, passing up a chance for oysters is a criminal offence in my books. Depot went all out, and showcased their Raw Bar of clams and oysters.IMG_9771 IMG_9773 IMG_9774-2The Harbourside Grill had beautiful food! Unfortunately, its neighbour Farina was stealing all the customers.  

Everyone was going wild for Farina. The smell of the fried calamari was irresistible, and the Valoriani Oven Pork Saltimbocca Bun with Italian Spicy greens, Provolone Cheese & Cipriani Mustard Dressing was a popular choice. We ordered one, and it was the ideal dish for an event- easy to eat and more filling than most others. There is the rind of fat around the ring of the pork however which I disliked.
IMG_9801 Dilmah Tea Garden was so pretty!! My favourite venue of the night :)IMG_9815-2IMG_9809 IMG_9814-3
We got dragged into the Kenwood exhibition where they were giving free popcorn (and coffee too I think) by this lady who was extravagantly colourful in appearance in demeanour. I’m not sure if she was acting high on purpose or not, but it worked for attracting people into their venue. She was very amusing to listen to and watch.

One of the last stops was Kapiti ice cream. Definitely do try out their ice cream sundae which was just gorgeous in taste and appearance.
IMG_9862-2 IMG_9869There are plenty of free tasters from various exhibitors too. It was a fun event- albeit expensive, but I think it’s supposed to be viewed as a create-your-own-degustation style event. Until next year Taste of Auckland! I hope they’ll change it back into an indoor event though, Auckland weather is so unpredictable and inconvenient :/


12 thoughts on “Taste of Auckland 2014

  1. Great photos!

    Yes, Farina’s menu was very popular. I tried a bite of my friend’s Pork Saltimbocca Bun but didn’t get any of the rind. I’d say you were very lucky…the rind is the best bit!

    What was your favourite dish?

    1. Perhaps your friend ate all the rind first ;) I’d have to say the Kapiti ice cream sundae! It’s a pity they don’t sell it in a restaurant or something, it was the definition of summer! How about you Genie?

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