Bedford Soda & Liquor

Once again, I have joined the bandwagon many months too late, but I have no regrets because Ponsonby Central looked so festive at this time of the year with all of its Christmas decorations that it added an extra dash of happiness! I received a voucher from Zomato (I swear they have the most perfect timing- the weather was beautiful, my friends were all free on the same day, and other reasons which are probably irrelevant).

I also realized that the likes of eateries like Burger Burger and Toru were all situated within Ponsonby Central too. I knew they were in the same area, but I didn’t comprehend how integrated they were in one big complex. Seeing is believing.

The menus are on a laminated sheet with markers provided for you to tick your options. There’s not a wide range as their specialties lie in meatballs and drinks. We decided to try the Lunch Combos ($15.00) to get the best of both worlds.
IMG_9990-2 IMG_0024

L and I ordered the Peach black tea, lemon, honey, soda. Yum. That is really the best word to describe it. It’s fizzy, not overly sweet and just plain, refreshingly YUM. Insert lip smack and a big “ahhhhh” of contentment.


E ordered the Blueberry pomegranate black tea, lemon, honey, soda. This was also deliciousness in a cute mason jar. Their drinks are on a different level to any other place I’ve tried.IMG_0032


We all chose the Bloomberg Combo- 2 balls on a salad + soda, big pat on the back for the healthy Summer feels! I ordered the Vegetarian Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce on Seasonal Vegetables which I was informed to be long beans, with candied pecans or walnuts (and some other things. Vague memory, but it sounded really enticing). The meatballs were great, moist, flavoursome, and perfectly accompanied by the spicy tomato sauce which gave it extra pizzazz. However, the seasonal vegetable “salad” was rather boring, it just consisted of long beans with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil. The difference between the  description we were given and the actual product was rather palpable. It wasn’t bad, it was just… well, unexciting and effortless.IMG_0049 IMG_0045-2

Above is E’s order of Chicken meatballs with Gravy sauce and Mediterranean Salad while L had a mix of our choices, and ordered Vegetarian Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Mediterranean Salad. 

Overall, Bedford Soda & Liquor is a great, relaxing place to catch up over. As their name suggests, there is a bigger focus on the drinks, so I would return for a more thorough exploration of the sodas and maybe a cocktail if the mood is adventurous.

Bedford Soda & Liquor

Shop 10, Ponsonby Central

A quick exploration of the rest of Ponsonby Central after our meal ensued in a plethora of photo opportunities, ice cream from The Dairy for E and L (there goes the healthy Summer start!), and market produce browsing.

Ponsonby Central

4 Brown St, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1011


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