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Welcome to 2015! The year has only just started but it has already been a hectic week for me thanks to having a sudden big increase in hours in a retail job, which means the Christmas period anything but relaxing. On my day off (New Years), we went on the usual family visit to Tauranga, and stayed with my Aunty who has an apartment literally a 2 minute walk away from Mt. Maunganui beach for a night, then returned back to Auckland the next day. I skipped the New Years visit last year, but was guilt tripped into it this year by my Mum.

What a night. I used to feel like the cool kid from the big city when I was little, but now it’s the exact opposite. Long gone are the quiet streets with only grannies and gramps occupying the homes. Needless to say, I walked a few steps out of the apartment to join the throngs eager people ready to party down at the beach, only to turn around and flee back for the quiet and comfort inside. I did indeed enjoy my relaxing night in with my cup of tea, thank you!

Moving onto the topic of this post- I get so much inspiration from Pinterest, especially in the desk decor lately. Here are my current favourite items!

IMG_0132-2On the right are beloved my tulips from Kmart. In the middle is a Lemongrass & Sage diffuser from Decjuba.

On the left is the Kikki.K glass water bottle with cup that I mentioned I had been eyeing up in my previous post. It was only 30% off on boxing day, but I’m glad I purchased it anyway because it was sold out when I went back for another visit! Another thing that was sold out (and the reason for my return to the store) was the Kikki.K daily notepad planner which looks remarkably similar to the Daily Planner from Etsy that I had also been wanting. It truly broke my heart knowing that it was 50% off, but sold out nationwide and now discontinued. I guess I will have to just buy the printable off Etsy after all.
IMG_0140 IMG_0144It is such a convenient design, and I’ve been guzzling water by the litre using this. I just tried making a Mixed berry fruit iced tea/ punch/ soda though, (in case you’re thinking “err, that’s not water Tiffany…”) and the red was a nice contrast for photo purposes so it was kind of hitting two birds with one stone.IMG_0149-2 I’m also in love with my current candle “With Love” by Ecoya. It honestly smells like a beautiful, feminine, and warm perfume. I’ve got a collection of candles now (yay!) but this one is my favourite in terms of design and scent. It is a hassle to light every time I want to get that soothing fragrance wafting through the air, so I snapped up this diffuser from Decjuba when I spotted it.

IMG_0135 IMG_0161Lemongrass and Sage is not an aroma I’d usually be attracted to, but this one in particular works very well! I feel so happy entering my room and being immediately enveloped with such a bright and fresh scent. Unlike some diffusers that you can only get a whiff of when you walk past it, this one really spreads throughout the room quite thoroughly.

I’m happy to finally start on my new planner. It happens every year- I get excited and dedicate myself to making it look as artistic and creative as possible, only to get lazy and scribble my schedules in messily later on in the year. It’s already happening, I can feel it. I decided to only fill in the first line of January 2015 as to not ruin it yet! The planner is from Jimina Stationary in Newmarket, and the sticker collection is from Ebay.

IMG_0172The “Pardon my French” pen is from Typo- such a gorgeous and cute colour! It’s quite funny because the ink comes out smooth only if you write on a slant, but not if you write holding the pen straight up. This works in my favour because my writing is usually sloped/ slanted (just not for the above page because my usual font somehow doesn’t match) so I’ve always had problems with ink pens when I write. No more!IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0182Est-ce pas magnifique? But really, please do Pardon my French because that was done via Google Translate, and we all know how inaccurate that can be.

For Christmas, my sister got me a few more Microbial plushies to add to my collection, and a Move 3000mAh Power Bank which is a slim and sleek portable phone charger.

IMG_0187 IMG_0188-2 IMG_0196-2How chic does it look?! You can get it in gold, gray, or silver but the gold looks the best in my opinion. It looks big but that’s because the phone is in the back- the size of the charger is actually smaller than the Samsung S3 :) It has a 500 charge cycle life, and activated by simply shaking the device once it is connected to the phone. I don’t really need to use it often, but it sure came in handy on the road trip to Tauranga.

And finally, I’ll just end this post with tulips. Because, flowers.



14 thoughts on “Desk Decor

  1. hey tiffany happy new year! i too get lots of inspiration from pinterest but i have hard to putting them in action… lol but you did a great job! and i absolutely love typo! they have the cutest stationaries right?? hehe and seems like you had a great time with your family :)

    1. Aww, thanks Annie! You have Typo too in Thailand? Wow, that’s so cool, I thought it was only in Australia and New Zealand. Haha, a lot of things on Pinterest aren’t realistically achievable ay :(

  2. Aw cuuuute~ I wish I could my desk as pretty as this. Love that cup/bottle especially, I’m so lazy I literally just drink out of the jug instead of looking for a glass… hahaha. And yay for cute planners! I’m gonna go get some cute stickers too. If I ever make a desk blogpost it’s probably because of yours~ :D

    1. Hahaha, you’re not alone, I’ve seen my sister grab a rice bowl and drink water from it. Yes please, would be awesome to see what your desk would be like! Especially since Korea is where all the cute stationary comes from~

  3. I love your pictorials Tiffany they are so exquisite! How do you like the Lemongrass & Sage diffuser from Decjuba. I have to say having spent a big chunk of my life in Thailand I’m alway gravitating towards lemongrass and basil scents so when I saw that word it totally spiked me interest! Glad you had a wonderful new years with family, oh a warm cup of tea sounds amazing! And I need a portable charger and how fun are the colors of the one you got! Lol~ hope you have a great rest of you day Tiffany!! <3

    1. You’re too kind Lena! I try :) It’s funny because the diffuser smells like fresh soap with a hint of sweet lemongrass to give it a refreshing and clean smell. It’s nice how scents can invoke memories and transport us back instantly! Haha, the portable charger is handy but dangerous- it might inhibit your New Years resolutions of cutting down that technology ay :/

  4. I am all about the desk/table decor lately. It’s amazing how a pretty little table top space can make you feel. I just cleared out a new space yesterday to put out the Jo Malone infuser that I got over the holidays. Candles, tulips, and a lovely drink are always a good combination.

    1. Aww you’re too kind! I was reading yours and we have so many similar interests *high five!*

      P.S. Thank you for the heads up about the broken images that post, I had meant to archive that into my private posts as I deleted those photos to make room for more media lol!

      1. Yay for similarities! ^_^ … I need to update my blog(s) ;____;

        Hehe – no problem. I wanted to see the photo of what you got at Meet Fresh! It’s been on my to-go list for so long!

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