A day in Takapuna

My sister and I finally had a day off together, and decided to make full use of the summer vibes by going out to Takapuna. We randomly stumbled upon Franc’s, a new eatery which had been open for only a couple of weeks. The menu quirked our interest with it’s summer vibes and gourmet flair that gave typical lunch items so much more oomph.

We were told that food would take about half an hour to arrive, so we decided to go with drinks and a snack to share between the two of us as to not overload the kitchen with too much work. My sister ordered the usual Soy Chai Latte which was on point. Actually, it tastes quite similar to Mojo Coffee’s Chai latte’s, my favourite place to go for the drink so maybe they use the same supplier?

IMG_0255IMG_0264I on the other hand, was after something more refreshing and cooling on such a hot day, and was intrigued by the smoothies and juices, and ordered a Coco Ninja ($8.00). IMG_0256I was super gutted and disappointed when I received this drink. Not because of the taste of the drink itself- because I love it, I really do. It’s the fact that I buy this drink from the supermarket- for only $4.00 a bottle (but I never look at the name so I didn’t click at the time, silly me), and thus felt rather misled that they didn’t mention that “Franc’s Smoothies + Super Juices” were not fresh juices, and actually the supermarket brand “Simply Squeezed”. If you’re not going to sell your own freshly pressed juices, please don’t label it under your own name, and put it under the “bottled drinks” category instead :( It makes me wonder if the smoothies are freshly blended, or if they pour it from the Simply Squeezed bottled smoothies- which you can also get from the supermarket.

For our snack, we ordered Spice Crusted Calamari with aioli ($11.90)
IMG_0287This dish was beautifully presented, and tasted as amazing as it looked. In fact, as I eyed up neighbouring tables, everybody’s dishes looked (and smelled) divine, with generous portion sizes too. This small plate convinced me that I have to go back and try other dishes on their menu too, it would be worth the drive!


Main Beach, The Strand, Takapuna,

Auckland 0622

Processed with VSCOcamAnd while I’m at this post, I’ll sneak in a few more photos of myself… *shifty eyes.* I finally mustered up the effort to bring my camera with me that day and planned to make the most of it. I even dressed up for photo purposes!IMG_0296 The Maxi dress is actually my sister’s- I think it’s mine now (?) I paired it with a knit sweater because er. I don’t know.IMG_0306 IMG_0310IMG_0311OOTD shots are so hard to take! As I can’t hold the camera myself, I asked my sister to take some for me, and after a few false starts, we got there in the end. She was totally confused about what an OOTD shot was! It was a hilarious, face-palm moment. OOTD = “Outfit of the day” for future reference, sis ;)


13 thoughts on “A day in Takapuna

  1. Gorgeous OOTD! Love how summery it is. The calamari looks exquisite. You’re right about the smoothie situation. I’d be disappointed too. I guess $4 usually means bottled and $6+ than that means freshly made?

    1. Thank you Genie! It’s right by the beach too, so it’s honestly the perfect place to sit outside and drink in the views. Yes to the pricing range! Normal cafe’s usually them for $8 if it’s supposed to be a breakfast smoothie and packed with superfoods/ antioxidants and the likes :(

  2. i agree, i hate it when it’s not freshly squeezed! thats why i always double check with them before ordering.. btw i’m absolutely in love with that minty sweater you have on!! it’s so pretty and looks great on you :)

    1. That’s a good idea, I’ll definitely be double checking now. Aww thanks Annie, I bought it randomly and now it’s an essential item of mine. Funny how that happens!

  3. These photos are gorgeous! So cute how you and your sister lunch together. I used to do that with my sis until she had a kid and all order was thrown out the window. Very sweet, love this post. :)

    1. My sister and I are really close, thankfully she’s not having a child soon or I’d be really lonely! Aw, hopefully you two will manage to catch up over lunch again sometime soon!

  4. Beautiful pics of you and the food, i got a lil food blog too… do check it if you can and let me know how di u find it … secondlastsupper.wordpress.com :).. adios

  5. Omgoodness. Everything looks super delicious!!! I just had my dinner, but these photos are making me want more!!
    Loving your maxi dress beautiful <3 You look so amazing wearing it!

    I love all your photos, and your blog is so pretty! <3

    Would you like to check my blog and perhaps keep in touch?

    Have a wonderful weekend beautiful,

    XOXO, HaeMin


    1. Awww, you’re so sweet!! This totally made my day, hope the photos didn’t make you TOO hungry. I think my sister got the dress from online (?)

      Your blog name is so cute and clever, I laughed at how perfect it was. Checked out your blog by the way, your outfits are super adorable! Definitely added you to my WordPress reader list :DD Thanks for stopping by HaeMin <3

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