Let me introduce you to my new man, Frank. He makes me feel absolutely amazing- definitely a keeper for sure. I had heard about Frank’s reputation with the ladies, and was intrigued at what had them all practically worshipping him. Finally, finally, I experienced Frank’s magic, we were getting all down and dirty in the shower last night, oh yessiree. I have never felt so divine.

If you have never heard of Frank, the above description may have left you feeling rather perturbed. Let’s backtrack a bit. Frank is a coffee body scrub that originates from Australia, and is made with completely natural ingredients. There are a few products that they sell, but the most popular has to be the Body Scrubs which target dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scarring.IMG_0200Be warned, it’s a messy process and you’ll be smelling like coffee afterward. The overall experience was really strange for me, it literally feels and smells like you’re rubbing ground coffee beans on your skin because well, that’s the main ingredient. I was very excited initially, which waned into skepticism as I exfoliated and waited for the 5-10 minute wait to be over. Granted, it’s hard to see any difference happening under all the grit, but I really did start feeling rather idiotic humming to myself nervously and most definitely looking ridiculous covered head to toe in Frank. It’s definitely worth it though! The instant the water swishes over your skin, the scrub glides off, leaving your skin feeling oh-so-smooth and silky soft.IMG_0216

The exaggerated adverts you see on TV where the model is shaving her perfectly hairless, smooth, tanned legs with an exotic waterfall in the background?

That’ll be you right there.

Go on, do the dramatic hair flicks over the shoulder while you’re feeling it :)IMG_0202

Do the effects last? I’m not sure, having only used it once. The website recommends using it 1-2 times a week, so I’ll update this post when I’m certain. I’ve seen a lot of impressive before and after photos showing reduced scars and marks, but it’s great for exfoliating and cleansing. I’m not sure if you should use moisturizer afterward or not, but I would next tim I use it. My skin felt a little dry after (maybe I scrubbed a bit too harshly). If you’re sorely in need of some “me time”, I definitely recommend Frank, I felt so pampered afterward. I’ve already bought a few more packs for Christmas gifts so this post will have to wait as not to ruin any surprises. Boom, Christmas is over so this post is good to go!

The downside to this product is the mess. I am the laziest person alive, and the tedious task of having to get exfoliating, then waiting for 10 minutes almost makes me not want to bother, but trust me, it’s worth it. IMG_0200You can buy them here. They ship worldwide, and two or more packs will get you free shipping (to New Zealand)! Nothing annoys me more than buying an item and finding out shipping is almost equivalent to the cost of the product itself. What’s not to love?


12 thoughts on “Frank

  1. Frankly speaking this sounds like a great product! I don’t drink coffee anymore (killing the bad habit of drinking 3-4 cups a day before) but I sure like the smell of coffee beans!! Oh how divine!! Frank be mine :P xo~ Lena

    1. Hahaha, the comment of the day award goes to you! Woah, 3-4 cups a day?! How did you get any sleep? :O I like to use this on Monday mornings to wash my face to get the caffeine fix without actually consuming any ;)

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