Sydney: Chinese Garden of Friendship

Despite Sydney having a reputation for its sunny weather all year round, we managed to somehow find ourselves in the midst of an out pour in the initial days of our stay. What impeccable timing. Armed with nothing but mere t-shirts, skirts, and other summery garments, we bundled up as best as we could before briskly making our way around the corner to the Chinese Garden of Friendship in hopes that we would warm ourselves up on the way there. Luckily, the initial morning showers dissipated, leaving the skies a little gloomy, but clear nevertheless.

If you’re planning on visiting Chinatown in Sydney, this garden is a mere stones throw from there, and definitely worth taking a curious peep at while in the vicinity. There is an entrance fee of $6 per person which is no doubt a typical tourist trap, but for the sake of memorable photos, we felt game enough to jingle out our loose change for a stroll.
IMG_0457 (2) IMG_0463The setting is tranquil and perfectly appropriate for the morning breath of fresh air. Whilst not large, it’s substantial enough to idle away an hour of your time exploring, possibly more if you are the type with the urge to photograph everything in sight.IMG_0467 IMG_0451 IMG_0479 IMG_0506 IMG_0520 IMG_0519 IMG_0522Unfortunately, words are failing me in this instance so I hope the photos speak for themselves. Faced with the problem of the huge aftermath of holiday photos, I have not really been able to muster up the energy in editing them all, but they’ll do for now. We were a week shy from the festivities of the Chinese New Year so the celebrations were not apparent yet, but still remarkable from the standards of an Aucklander.


4 thoughts on “Sydney: Chinese Garden of Friendship

  1. Wow the pictures are amazing! The Chinese Garden in Sydney looks like a dream! Reminds me of the old traditional chinese movies I watched when I was a kid :) Have a great weekend Tiffany!! :) xo~ Lena

  2. How beautiful!! This looks a lot like the Chinese garden at the Huntington Library in LA (which I’ll be posting about soon). So lovely…thanks for sharing!! ;)

  3. This has easily made its way onto my list of places to see/go to in Sydney! Your photography rivals your text easily holding its own.

    I absolutely love the droopy trees and just how vibrant the greens are, certainly wouldn’t mind just taking break in there and looking at it.

    And that boat…well….just look at it! Can you ride it?

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