Mellow Coffee & Dessert

Hello, hello!

I apologize for my 3 month hiatus from blogging, I was feeling rather uninspired and unmotivated to bring my camera around with me these past few months and with the convenience of Instagram and advanced smartphone cameras, laziness really got the better of me.

Whilst absentmindedly strolling down to the train station on my way home from uni earlier this week, a bright teal blue sign caught my eye as that colour always does (it’s just the cutest colour in my opinion!) and literally stopped me in my tracks. Shamelessly, I gaped at the beautiful signage and drank in the bright and airy decor inside, already crowded with like-minded students ravenous for a sugar fix. But alas, I had to go home so I tore myself away, promising to return as soon as possible.

The next day, I returned after bullying  persuading someone to come with me and was beside myself with happiness when I saw Korean shaved ice on the menu. FINALLY. FINALLY, New Zealand has proper Korean shaved ice!! I was in despair that I never got to try the legendary Patbingsoo in Korea a few years ago due to the fact it was freezing cold winter during the time I went.

imageimageimageThe decor of this place is no other word for it- cute. In a typical modern Korean style dessert cafe, it was adorned with little jars of flowers, trinkets on the shelves, and a corner of comfortable sofa chairs to lounge upon.imageOf course, I had to order the Roasted Grain Shaved Ice ($7.50). You can go for the large for $13.50 but it was rather chilly today so I was pushing my limit. Anything for dessert though. The ice was well crushed; flaky, soft, and pillowy- none of the coarse grains that My Kitchen or Momo Tea sells. It’s not as smooth as Taiwanese shaved ice such as that from Meet Fresh but I think there seems to be two categories of shaved ice- crushed and snowy? imageThe mountain of ice was dusted with the roasted grain, and came topped with red bean and a swirl of frozen yoghurt- a perfect combination when eaten together in one mouthful. It was a dream come true for me to have this dessert physically in my hands rather than drooling over Instagram photos.


imageMy partner ordered the New York Cheesecake. Extremely dense, rich, and creamy, this was definitely more of an indulgence than the shaved ice despite it’s smaller size. It wasn’t too sweet at all, which is a must in dessert cafes- there’s nothing like the sickening feeling of too much sugar in the system to put you off forever.

imageEverything was so picturesque, I’m so glad I dusted my camera off for this comeback.imageThis place is definitely the new hot spot for all ages- and unlike Meet Fresh, they have their game up and running strong from the get-go. Our desserts were made quite fast, and there were no wait lines. I’m already planning my return visit :)



42B High Street

Auckland CBD



12 thoughts on “Mellow Coffee & Dessert

  1. Congratulations on your first Patbingsu!
    The coffee shop looks really cute.
    I have the same problem, when I visited Seoul this year it was winter and way too cold but I hope I have the opportunity soon. If not in Vienna then maybe in Berlin or London :)

    1. It’s pretty big (and only the regular size!) but I had help finishing it off luckily. I was surprised by how many people were also willing to weather the cold for it!

      1. Omg bake a cheesecake??? I bought one of those fancy ring trays and all one time and went at it….sigh…first one turned into soup and went everywhere, the second attempt was much better lol second most frustrating thing ever next to pretzels…oh those pretzels…..

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