Holiday Baking: Sandwich Cookies

Happy Holidays!! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to bake something, so I decided it was time to get back into it with these Sandwich cookies! Actually, this is my second time making these, the first time was during study break where I decided to be a productive procrastinator. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the way they turned out so here is my much better, second attempt! They’re still not perfect, but they’ll do. My decorating attempts started out promising but as you can see, a slip of the hand here and there rendered them looking slightly disheveled. Let’s just pretend I was after the “homely / rustic” effect the whole time…IMG_1819-2IMG_1826IMG_1828-2IMG_1835IMG_1836The centre consists of raspberry marshmallow and a hazelnut chocolate fudge centre. I decided to be cheap and use raspberry flavoured essence in my first attempt which was a terrible idea! The freeze dried raspberries that the recipe calls for counterbalances all the sugar in the marshmallow because they’re quite tart.IMG_1833-2Of course, I had to give some to my friends :) You can pick up these really cute gift bags from $3 Japan on Queen Street and they’re so useful for packaging all kinds of edible treats. IMG_1841IMG_1850 IMG_1814The original recipe is from Melie’s Kitchen, the cookies are really straightforward and quite easy to whip up. I’m tempted to try out some of her other recipes next time, if I can hunt down some of those ingredients that is.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Baking: Sandwich Cookies

  1. These look amazing! I actually think they may look better with the mishaps, if you were referring to the messy chocolate, if it was perfectly tidy it would look very….round and…stripey :/ for lack of better words lol. That wouldn’t be bad either but the messy chocolate looks better I think.

    Cookies, chocolate, and raspberries it doesn’t get much better than that looks like i’ll be making cookies this week.

      1. Haha I missed reading if your adventures aswell! I’m settled in quite well thanks! I still love it here though eager to be back in Auckland. I will report back with my cookie madness for sure >:D

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