IMG_1852Peasant is located on the side of Dominion Road that I had never ventured into before, and is very eye catching from the get go. The restaurant consists of floor to ceiling glass (it looks like a glass box) with a cute urban chic interior setting. As we came on a weekday, it was rather quiet which was nice.


To eat, I ordered the Fish Banh Mi. I found the banh mi to be a great sandwich, loved the combination of flavours and whilst the bread was a bit tough to saw through, it was fresh and well toasted, giving great texture and crunch. However, this is a far cry from the traditional version- it’s hard to distinguish the difference between Banh Mi and a sub these days as it’s used VERY loosely. Just because it has pate doesn’t mean it automatically becomes Banh Mi! It’s like making wontons and calling it ravioli…. Thus I found it hard to judge because it was an excellent sandwich but if you’re going to call it Banh Mi, then it would sadly be a very poor one.IMG_1861IMG_1859

My dining companion ordered the Pho, which came out with a generous amount of herbs on top. I was very doubtful about it at first sight because the broth looked very clear (thus I thought it would be very weak), but it was actually very beautiful. Light and delicate yet full of flavour without being hit with inordinate amounts of sodium, this was the definition of refining a home-style dish to a restaurant level. Serving size was definitely a lot smaller compared to your usual Vietnamese places as expected of this type of eatery.

The service was lovely and friendly, there is a quiet and relaxed vibe here that I like. I’m a bit torn about my thoughts on this place- as a fellow Viet, I’m cheering them on, but the food has me only halfway convinced about the concept of modernising.


5 thoughts on “Peasant

  1. It looks nice, super colorful and fresh too! :D but I just don’t see some food this way, like all tidy and what not. Like Burgers, or tacos, they just aren’t “fancy” I guess, I LOVED the Vietnamese place in Philadelphia that I went to a few times a week, got Pho, had a huge plate of vegies and sauces etc to add in as I chow down on a huge bowl. The place was run by one family, who’s kids would usually stroll in with their school gear The cooks were the eldest son and father, occasionally an uncle, and their mother did the front of house with help from the kids. The food was fresh, delicious and the place was homey, friendly and comfortable. Maybe it’s just because that’s what i’m used to in terms of Vietnamese food, but then again I feel the same about burgers and tacos and other foods that just aren’t “fancy” (what ever I mean by that lol). I love Burger Burger, but often feel real disappointed when I get a burger somewhere that tries to spruce it up too much.

    Disclaimer, I’m not saying Vietnamese people aren’t fancy or that tidied up Pho is a bad thing or anything crazy or disrespectful like that, I love Vietnamese food and this is just my experience with it and what “feels” right lol. Sorry to rant. I just realized how long this is and was like well I wrote it and maybe it’s worth reading so ill post it, feel free to delete it no offence taken haha

    1. No, I totally agree with you! That’s what I was trying to portray without being offensive too :) It feels kind of odd when homey food tries bit too gourmet doesn’t it? It’s hard to beat that comforting, relaxed feel and flavour.

      1. Yay I don’t look like a tool weeeeeee. :D :D

        yup it really is for some things, on the other hand I think both the Thai food from the native people bringing food to give and eat with the monks at the temples and the fancy Thai food at really fancy restaurants are equally fine.

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