Onehunga Cafe

IMG_1866-2Onehunga Cafe is the latest gem that gives a breath of fresh air to this forgotten area. I walk past this cafe on my way to work but never had the chance to venture inside for lunch until last week. It’s pixelated array of colours make it very eye catching, and their casual and rustic eatery vibe is the perfect way to ease into this neighbourhood without sticking out like an outcast. (It’s outside Dressmart so it’s the perfect place to stop by for lunch before/ after a round of shopping!)IMG_1868-2

To drink, I was intrigued by the range of Six Barrel Soda Co drinks, and at the recommendation of the staff, I settled for the Celery Tonic despite my doubts about it (my first choice, ginger was sold out). It was delicious!! I was worried that it was one of those that only certain people would like but it was light and refreshing and nothing as extreme as its flavour suggested- it was a taste that everyone would easily love.IMG_1869-2

To eat, I chose the Eggplant Kasundi which was so so moreish and hearty despite being a vegetarian dish with a slight pickled flavour that really wowed the palate. It would be nice if they could cut down the amounts of oil though- whilst the bread underneath soaked it up nicely, the dish left me feeling slightly uncomfortable about all the cholesterol I had just ingested..

My dining companion ordered the Pulled pork burger which came topped with an extremely generous amount of pulled pork. The bun was brioche which was quite buttery and fluffy- it turned the burger into the ultimate indulgence. The photos make the food portions look smaller than they are but believe me, they were quite generous and  filling! I have been despairing over the smaller portion sizes of the latest eateries these days, and Onehunga Cafe has restored my faith.

I wouldn’t recommend their fruit smoothies though, the first time I came, I had a Mixed Berry smoothie to take away, which I didn’t find worth for its price, but I have heard so many raves about their house shakes from my sister and co workers. The food here is amazing and the staff are friendly, definitely give it a try if you’re in the area!


Onehunga Cafe

259 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland


One thought on “Onehunga Cafe

  1. I used to shop down that way for veges until the shop in elerslie opened, but I can’t remember seeing this place. The food looks good, the poached eggs are actually running! Nothing is worse than a blown poached egg.

    I love how your lucky “dinning companions” are always a mystery. Always nice to hear of your adventures!

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