Cocktail Club: The Glass Goose

IMG_1949One rather drizzly evening, Brunch Club was kind enough to organize an event in collaboration with Zomato and The Glass Goose for a Cocktail lesson with various other Auckland bloggers. I was mighty excited for this event, having heard or rather seen The Glass Goose easily dominating my social media feeds despite being the new kid on the block. Described as an open rooftop bar drawing influence in its architectural design and layout from a glass house, this worked wonders in providing us with beautiful views of the city with its clear roofs and plenty of windows whilst keeping us dry. I can only imagine how buzzing it would be in the summer! Be warned, it really is hidden (it’s down the alleyway next to Gloria Jeans) and despite knowing it was on Federal Street directly opposite Sky City, I walked straight past it, but luckily asked the lovely people at Federal Delicatessen who pointed me back in the right direction.

To be honest, I was constantly deliberating over attending, constantly wanting to withdraw into my safe shell, yet also wanting to push myself out there and experience something new. Introvert problems… but I’m so glad I went! If you’ve never been to one of these kinds of events before, just take the plunge- everyone else is also thinking the same thoughts of anxiety so you already have something in common with each other :)

For $25 per person, we were treated to a variety of delectable small plates to keep us sated through the night, and a cocktail we would make ourselves (I’ve included the prices from their menu though). Look at how well stocked they are on the alcohol! The space was a fantastic balance between casual yet classy- perfect for those wanting something a little more special than your average bar, yet more toned down than a fine dining restaurant.
11908214_10153188612587144_1268219006_n11872615_10153188489157144_2064116932_n (1)Our teacher for the night was extremely up beat, talkative, and patient (especially with our measly attempts at working those bicep muscles with shaking up the concoctions). It can’t have been easy being scrutinized by all of us the whole night! 

The first group made Beekeepers Blossom- Aperol, gin, manuka honey, lemon, egg white, dash of aromatic bitters ($16.00).PicMonkey Collage11922957_10153190098707144_1592364698_nPicMonkey Collage2Garnished with a sprig of rosemary for the finishing touch, how gorgeous do they look? I didn’t get to taste the cocktail but I heard it was delicious. A round of small plates also came out in the beginning but we were all so excited to start mixing and stirring that they were demolished quite fast. (Food photos in no particular order).

Sliders ($5.00 each)
Eggplant chips with pistachio dip ($14.00). My favourite dish of the night as I haven’t encountered this anywhere before! Encrusted with a crispy dukkah-like coating and fried so the eggplants inside were soft and moreish inside, they were so, so delicious. I am definitely ordering them again next time I visit.
Crumbed pork belly and Pancetta ($3.50)

Finally it was my turn. Our second group whipped up Fresh Pickings- Cachaca rum, fresh strawberries, limes, cucumber ($14.00).
11903358_10153188488847144_1014540356_n11880197_10153188102282144_823249244_nIt was a smooth sailing process and a great stress reliever as we bashed away at the ice and crushed the strawberries, cucumber and limes. The end result was definitely fresh, fruity, delicate and light. Perfecto! Go away artificial tasting, overly sweet cocktails you find at your usual joints, this was the epitome of art. It was like the first time I drank a Hӧpt / Six Barrel Co Soda, and realising the cheap sodas I had been consuming my whole life was actually pretty terrible. I’m not much of a drinker, but this has made it into my favourites.

At this time, another round of plates were brought out to my surprise and we eagerly dove into them again. There was a good amount of food to share among us hungry people so the serving sizes of their small plates are nicely substantial.

Potato cod croquette ($3.50)
Char grilled lamb cutlets ($6.50)
Char grilled lamb cutlets ($6.50)
Duck fat potato skins, garlic, rosemary ($10.00)
Duck fat potato skins, garlic, rosemary ($10.00)

Sometimes I get worried about these kinds of events- what if I don’t actually like it? Thankfully, The Glass Goose has by far exceeded expectations and has proved themselves worth the hype. I’m still gushing over this place and am desperately looking into my calendar for any excuse of an event to drag my friends in for another amazing night.
11903274_10153188488622144_332660176_n (1)

The Glass Goose | 78 Federal St, Auckland |

P.S. Here’s a quick insert of a few more photos from the night ahem. Was so lovely meeting fellow bloggers, and another huge thanks to Zomato and Brunch Club for such a great opportunity! You can find me on Zomato here.11908136_10153193296102144_1910783356_n

8 thoughts on “Cocktail Club: The Glass Goose

    1. Thank you Angela, I try :) Tell me about it, these were the lucky 1% that didn’t come out blurry haha. Yes, would be awesome if I could run into you again soon!

  1. The pictures are awesome!

    The drinks sound and look great too. These are the sort of drinks I sort of expect when I go out, well crafted and interesting but sadly so many places screw it up.

    Glad you went! It’s good to try new things and not worry so much.

    I saw a bit on Facebook about a new Auckland Vietnamese sandwich truck, or stop/spot (sigh now I can not remember :/ ), instantly thought of you and checked back assuming you would be lurking as they open.

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