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I had been eyeing up Deco Eatery in Titirangi for a while now, but only this weekend did I finally pay this cute cafe a visit. Half an hour’s drive from my area? Not a journey I’m usually willing to make on a casual weekend basis, but as my sister was back in the country for a few days, we decided it was the perfect not-quite-road-trip but far-enough-to-be-considered-a-bit-of-an-adventure type of drive.

It has been a while since I have been overwhelmed with a flurry of excitement upon entering an eatery, I could not help myself from snapping away photos of everything! They really mastered the balance of modern yet exotic- the decor was full of warm tones with the splashes of calm blue throughout, giving it a relaxing beach house feel, and adorned with plenty of Turkish/ Meditteranean style crockery to temporarily whisk you away from Auckland.




Cleverly situated near the entrance was a long, communal table of delectable, mouth-watering treats to tempt you in and incite the hunger pangs before you’ve even sat down. Talk about setting the mood right off the bat!


“When in Rome, you must do as the Romans do.”

Likewise, we were feeling the exotic vibes and opted for tea instead of the usual coffees. Presented in the most striking array of teaware, they heightened our experience to a whole new level, and needless to say, squeals were barely contained as we whipped out our cameras with glee to freeze this beautiful arrayal permanently in our memories.

We all ordered a tea each ($4.50 per pot).

Lisa chose the English Breakfast:


We spotted the table next to us relishing an iced chocolate which naturally induced food envy, so despite already having chosen a tea each, our greed coerced us into ordering one to share between us. We compromised at least, right?



I thoroughly enjoyed my Turkish Apple tea (above) which hit the spot, while my sister chose a Mumbai Chai which we found rather weak. Chai generally requires a longer brewing period so perhaps they could increase the amount of tea to compensate for this?


It was relatively easy to decide what to we wanted to graze on. Menu options are varied enough to make you feel rather adventurous, yet not so foreign that you feel overwhelmed and sent into a state of confusion and anxiety.

IMG_2195-2Deco Bene- poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise, mushroom ($18.90) was naturally a staple order, and like everything else, they managed to make the presentation stand out from your usual with their gorgeous plate and a sprinkle of spice.

IMG_2198-2I opted for the Menemen- sauteed tomato, capsicum, onion, poached eggs, Turkish pide ($15.50) with added Sujuk ($5.50).

What a dish! Bursting with the aroma of smokey, roasted tomatoes/ capsicums, this was a smack bang full of flavour with every mouthful. The sujuk turned out to be a type of sausage that looked like salami, but tasted like chorizo- less chili and less oily but still retaining that punchy, pack of spice. I was surprised the eggs weren’t poached whole in the pan, but it tastes better all jumbled up within the tomato.



My sister went for the Breakfast in Turkey- heirloom tomatoes, tomino, manuka honeycomb, Kalamata olives, cucumber, cherry jam, poached eggs, Turkish pide ($21.50).

The whole thing was rather expensive and not really cohesive as a dish, it felt and looked more like a platter reminiscent to a cheeseboard. The individual components were very simple on the board, the only thing that needed cooking were the eggs… In saying that however, each component was of high quality- the honey was so smooth and one of the best I have ever tasted (can I get a jar of that please?!) and the very vanilla-y cherry jam (homemade?) is definitely 100 times better than your usual supermarket variety.


It usually comes with scrambled eggs but she opted for poached instead, because, who can resist a little egg porn?

All in all, Deco Eatery is a wonderful find considering Auckland’s competitive hospitality industry. Gather a bunch of friends and make a day out of it!

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11 thoughts on “Deco Eatery

  1. The place looks beautiful. I like the open homey-well-lit style, so many places I’ve been feel like a test, stiff, quiet, and generally not as relaxed as I would like to be while eating.

    That little pan of Tomatoes and all that other stuff looks incredibly good and I want to eat it! Food envy is the next worse thing to “well I always get XXXXX and it’s so good so I’ll never try something new”, which gets me all too often.

    Love the big pictures! Also, someone has a name in this !? :P

    1. Oooh good eye Victor, I slipped up! Was going to use L but both of my dining companions names’ started with L so that made it slightly awkward…

      Good to go dining with lots of people so you can order the whole menu right ?! :P

      1. Yessssss which is why I love things like dim sum/yum cha/Korean/ any of those other types of food where ordering many dishes and splitting them up is normal lol.

        ahahah I have been waiting to see if you would slip up :P

    1. Me too! But it would probably be selfish of us to want every eatery in central Auckland location hahah, I feel for the rest of NZ… Worth the mini road trip though :)

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