Desk Decor updated

Hello lovelies! If you haven’t read it yet, my first desk décor post is here. I thought I’d do an update on that as I just received a few gifts that just boosted my desk into a whole new Pinterest level thanks to a few late birthday gifts! It’s rather hard to transform my room into the beautiful imagery I have in my head as my desk and bed are positioned in the only way possible to fit my room, and they leave little space for anything else so, the below photos are from the one corner/ side of my desk that actually looks photogenic; the rest is sadly on the insipid side… Also, thank you $8 Kmart tray for being the base for all my photos these days :)

IMG_2289My sister returned briefly from Sydney earlier this month and bought me the most gorgeous stationary sets from Kikki. K, one of my favourite stores that is sadly on the more pricey side for stationary so it’s always a bit of a splurge if something is purchased from there! The right hand side is a daily organiser with sections for your tasks, reminders, meal planner, and even a water consumption category to keep you aware of your health! It’s the small and simple things that really help you get your act together. IMG_2287As if that list wasn’t enough, she got me another To-Do list with a magnetic backing. I love lists and organisation, and get stressed by last minute changes/ plans so I think I’m well prepared for a while :D

P.S. I’m not left handed, I just had to awkwardly grasp the pen because my right hand was needed to take the shot since no hand model was available.IMG_2271Thank you so much Moeka for the Glasshouse candle and Redcurrent photo frame! She’s got this psychic ability at knowing what someone likes, and is just amazing at getting the perfect gift. The Kyoto candle is my favourite Glasshouse candle out of the lot, followed closely by Manhattan: Little Black Dress which she also got me last year (very classy and sophisticated as its name suggests), and Monet (smells light and floral like a fresh garden!). If you haven’t smelled Glasshouse candles before, I urge you to- I love how each candle is based on a country/ city or a unique concept. IMG_2275I haven’t found a photo for the frame yet, we’ve descended upon an era where printing photos is a rarity but I will make sure to do so soon!

Here’s another Kikki. K set from my sister! It’s just hit the stores now, and is so gorgeous and adorable in it’s little case. I love how you’ll be able to reuse it for storing bits and bobs too.

IMG_2241-3 IMG_2252 IMG_2251-2

Now I can DELETE you from my life. Just kidding, I don’t have any beef with anyone but it looks like the perfect reference photo someone with a lot of drama would use.

IMG_2243-2I’m still picking up the courage to use them, I have a constant fear that my use  is going to be rather wasteful on it. Is gift wrapping even a worthy use for the glittery gold cello-tape?

And finally, I’ll end this post with the cover of the Kikki. K set with the inspiring words for your day:IMG_2264-2


8 thoughts on “Desk Decor updated

  1. Very cool, it’s always neat to see the tools of other’s lives. I love how bright it all is, keeps the mood alive while trudging through the daily musts. There must be something madly wrong with me because as I read Kikki.K my head is just kikikikiikikikikikikiki instead of actually reading it :/

    Lastly scrolling down bit by bit as I read through this I see a a spread of purple and blue, the painter in me gets excited and I scroll faster only to be slightly disappointed when I found it it was just the cover and not a picture you painted.

    Hope you aren’t too busy and run out of to do lists and are doing well, looking forward to this Frida’s cake.

    1. I read Kikikikik in my head too, and also when I say it! It’s such a confusing tongue twister isn’t it?

      The cover is clear but that purple/ blue splash in the background is indeed an actual painting by a friend of mine :)

      Haha, unfortunately that isn’t my handwriting nor my list, just a sample cover from Kikki. K (kikikikikik)!

      1. Glad to hear its someone’s painting even it not yours haha. The store (Kikki.K) instantly makes me think of Kramer from Seinfeld, he would be the perfect person to ask how it is pronounced I’m sure.

  2. Loved this!! Kikki K is great isn’t it? You should sign up to be one of their members too because apparently they give you a discount on your birthday :)

  3. Loooove your decor posts! So pretty and definite #goals as I just got some stuff from Kikki k recently! Bonus is when they have 20%-50% off sales so makes it slightly more affordable and justified! :D

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