Room Decor

I am a decor fanatic. I admire how well space can be utilized and how creative one gets with blank canvases, and how individual flair shines through. Sadly, my room has little to no room for me to maneuver around so I generally make do with what I have (hello beloved mismatched furniture that my Mum bought when I was just a hatchling) , hence my endless hours on Pinterest and dreamily gazing at what could have been.

My sister however, recently moved to Sydney and went crazy with her new room. I was so envious of all the photos she was sending me of her trips to IKEA! Technically, I have a small (okay, a very teeny tiny) part in helping her room come together because nearly all the furniture purchases she made had to first be approved by yours truly.





If you’ve seen my previous posts, I am nuts about flowers and often use them to adorn my desk. However, one such as myself cannot afford fresh flowers weekly so I grasped at the opportunity when I visited my sister a few weeks ago as she conveniently had a nice bloom on hand. Mi casa es su casa right, sis?


As someone who lives in New Zealand, I’m surrounded by nature everywhere but of course that is not the case for most people. Flowers are a great way to add a breath of nature into your home and a reminder to not drown in the city fumes.





10 thoughts on “Room Decor

  1. Lovely photos, and nice flowers! I’ve been trying to keep fresh flowers in my apartment, but I always forget to change the water. I love that they add a pop of color to the room, though.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I have that terrible habit too :( Best to go for the flowers that can last really long, I once had a bouquet that lasted me 2 weeks even though it went quite a few days with very little to no water!

  2. A bit unrelated but I love the coffee table with a million legs :D

    When the flowers in the yard start to look nice I cant help but snag a couple and bring them inside…a shame in the winter though :(

  3. Ah! I have the same duvet cover! Love Kmart SO MUCH!! <3

    I love your room decor – especially at the white colour scheme! Effortlessly matches everything! ^_^

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