The Grounds of Alexandria

If there’s one place that is a MUST on your to-do list in Sydney, it has to be The Grounds of Alexandria. It’s not your typical touristy hot spot like The Opera house or Darling Harbour, but it’s as importantly picturesque. What’s more is that you’ll have fun exploring the grounds as well unlike usual tourist destinations where you travel all that way just to take a 10 second snapshot of you squinting in the sun with the infamous monument in the background.

If you’re going to be taking public transport (which I highly recommend because parking in Sydney is expensive), disembark at Green Square Train Station and then walk about 10 minutes to The Grounds of Alexandria.


We decided to have brunch first as I had heard the wait for tables was interminable no matter what day of the week you went. As hard as it was to stop ogling and stopping to take photos of everything every 10 seconds, we slapped ourselves back to our senses and made a beeline for the The Potting Shed cafe. There would be plenty of time for photos the rest of the day and hangry was not a mood I wanted to be in.


We were lucky enough to score a table straight away even though the cafe/ restaurant was full to the brim.


We ordered some drinks to refresh ourselves while waiting for our meals and taking thousands of photos.


I can’t remember the exact name of the dishes we ordered, but I went for a salad which if I had to be brutally honest, was the one of the most disappointing salads I had ever eaten. At this point, I realised that there was actually another cafe on the other end of The Grounds of Alexandria which is where most of the photos on Instagram were originating from but oh well.


L ordered a ravioli which surprised us all as it was silky smooth and a delight to devour. We only wish that the serving size was bigger- these were demolished in no time.


You’ll see a vibrant, bright blue parrot (yes, a live parrot) near the entrance of the cafe busy trying to gnaw away at it’s treats outside its cage.


There are plenty of animals around the area including the pig which I was most amused at for its name was Kevin Bacon.


A farm, flower market, and fresh produce market all in one. The Grounds of Alexandria has all you need.


Be sure to come on an empty stomach and a fully charged camera as there were so many beautiful foods to try!



One thought on “The Grounds of Alexandria

  1. That is an odd looking salad for sure lol. All of the snacks look so good, like that berry tart and what i’m assuming is something covered in pistachios in the background mmmmm.

    Great photos! I love the how vibrant that parrot is, its like BLUE not just blue. Also those feather duster looking flower things remind me of the lorax and the truffula trees!

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