High Tea at Wellington’s Restaurant

There’s something about the dainty teacups, the delicate treats, the picturesque setting, and of course the flurry of the last minute dilemma choosing the right dress to wear that makes High Tea so enjoyable. It’s a process, one that should be savoured slowly and languidly to lose oneself in full extent of the experience.

Upon receiving an invitation to “an every so girly and glamorous High Tea”, I immediately disregarded whatever plans I had and cleared my schedule for this event. Yes, I was that excited.


Surprisingly, this was to take place at Wellington’s Restaurant in Waipuna Hotel situated in Mt Wellington which I had never heard of, nor aware that there was even a hotel near Sylvia Park shopping centre. I learn something new everyday and was liking this place more and more with it’s close location to where I live since everything foodie orientated is usually situated in the central CBD area.

The view was quite gorgeous as we were situated next to the balcony, allowing us full views of the Panmure Lagoon- one could almost imagine we were at the seaside. We were each given a glass of Kopiko Bay Sparkling Cuvee which was refreshing and easy to consume for the late morning/ early afternoon. Or perhaps my alcohol tolerance has gotten a lot better?!


To begin, we were served an amuse-bouche of salmon mousse in a waffle cone which was smooth and creamy with a slight tang (cream cheese?), and definitely quite the show starter as it confused our senses at first sight with it’s resemblance to an ice cream, and piqued our curiosity for what was to come.

The High Tea tiers were brought out quite promptly after, igniting widened eyes and gasps of delight. The presentation was exactly as you’d expect, refined and visually striking with pops of colours to please the eye, inciting salivation and stomach rumbles of eager anticipation.



We were also presented with a Dilmah tea list to choose which we’d like to enjoy with.


My choice was the Rose with French Vanilla. I could have been adventurous and tried something new, but I have this at home in my tea collection and felt it would complement our brunch beautifully with it’s sweet, floral taste.



Our first tier consisted of savoury items. I admit I disregarded the order of proper High Tea consumption and alternated between all the tiers during this brunch and thus didn’t manage to eat the slider at the end. The lamb roast on bruschetta was my favourite but if you’re a fan of cheese (actually everyone loves cheese except me), the Croque Monsieur would be the clear winner.

How cute is the Croque Monsieur?!

The second tier consisted of pretty sweets and desserts.




I must admit I was rather fearful as High Tea can be sickeningly sweet with all the pastries and cakes you consume in one sitting, but Wellington’s Restaurant mastered the balance of light and restrained delicacies with various textures and fruits to keep the palate interested without being overwhelmed. I felt the Opera Slice could have done with more density as it was super light and airy like a sponge with little filling/ ganache in between each layer.

The Mango Pudding appeared to be the table favourite of the day with it’s beautiful creamy texture and summer tang, and it complemented the brilliant clear weather and dazzling waters of our setting perfectly.

All of these sweets were well executed and I felt there was definitely a lot of thought put into them. Too often some places take short cuts when presenting High Tea platters and you are forced to consume tidbits reminiscent to something from a bakery down the road but this was definitely not the case here.



Our final tier consisted of scones and macarons. Those scones were delicious!! Somehow, it managed to be solid yet light, crumbly but not dry, moist yet not dense, and rich without tasting buttery. Can I have the recipe please?!

The lavender macaron was definitely fresh as I bit into it, and there were no large air pockets that one usually encounters when consuming these french treats but I did feel that since lavender is such a subtle flavour, it was barely discernible and the macaron ended up tasting very sweet. However, 10/10 on the texture! I’m not naming any names, but it beats quite a few dessert-eries (dessert eateries) in Auckland.

I looked up the menu after dining here, and was blown away at the cost. Believe it or not, it was super reasonable, and again another reason why I love places not in central CBD with their inflated prices. For a classic High Tea, it’s $30 pp, or $35 pp with bubbly. Sure it may not be as fancy as Langham Hotel but you’re still getting quality for your buck. You’ll find details of the restaurant below.


Wellington’s Restaurant | 58 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Once again, a huge thank you to Zomato for the invitations to these foodie meet ups, and it was a huge pleasure meeting/ catching up with other bloggers, especially (from left to right) Angela from A Style Collector, Kellie, and Sophia from Joy and Serenity (below photo credit to Sophia)who were game enough to join in for a quick photo outside. Well, actually it took a few photos as the gusty summer breeze was not on our side, but we dressed up for this so pics or it didn’t happen right?


Wellington's Restaurant & Bar - Waipuna Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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