Odettes Eatery

Odettes, Odettes, Odettes. Who hasn’t heard of this eatery located in the prime location of City Works Depot with it’s demure and relaxed setting?

I came here for lunch one afternoon in the first week of 2016, and perhaps that was why the staff seemed indifferent, and the food uninspiring. I feel for them, I really do because the Christmas/ New Years break signifies relaxing and spending time with your family at the beach rather than being forced to work.


What a relaxing decor! The warm wood tones create that lazy Sunday afternoon ambiance.


My dining companion ordered a Latte ($4.50) which came in the cutest cup. The downside of that was that it was really small, and I’m talking about the size of Starbucks’ short size, not the regular you’d expect.


I settled on a soothing Coconut Chai Tea ($4.50) by the tea sisters Storm & India. It was a nice strong brew so I did not have to wait long to sip on this warming cup of tea.


The menu as expected of an eatery located in City Works Depot is nothing like anything you’d find in your average cafe. The variety is extensive enough for all taste buds and to incite that greed to order more than necessary to try a bit of everything on the menu, but not so much that you’d get overwhelmed with all the options.

To eat, my dining companion ordered the Odettes Complete- two Eggs, Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Bacon, Whipped Feta, Toasted Sourdough ($25.00)


I could not pass up mushrooms of course, and ordered the Wild Mushroom Whipped Persian Feta, Donuts, Basil with Poached Egg ($23.00).IMG_2778IMG_2779

Egg porn!!!

Perhaps the chef was on holiday? Odettes was a place I thought would be a fail safe option and did not expect it to fall into the over-hyped category but my dish was sadly one dimensional for me. I was expecting full, earthy, mushroom flavours complemented perhaps a surprise of spices but my dish was exactly something you’d haphazardly pan fry at home with whatever mushrooms you have left over in your fridge. The donuts were a nice, guilty indulgence to start the morning but made me wonder what they were there for other than for aesthetics and hype. I felt a nice and simple toasty slice of sourdough or ciabatta would have lifted up the dish better.

The dishes were not bad per se, and the ingredients were undoubtedly fresh and of high quality. However in terms of pricing to portion size, I would at least expect the flavours of the dish to make up for the value. Maybe this was a one off experience, I still continue to eye photos of their other dishes on Instagram and Zomato with pangs of longing.



3 thoughts on “Odettes Eatery

  1. When I read mushrooms and doughnuts I REALLY wanted it to turn out good for some reason, doughnuts…..why though…doughnuts…

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