New York Cheesecake


I must confess that baked cheesecakes have never appealed to me, much less New York Cheesecakes. Rich, dense, and creamy are the most alluring adjectives to describe a dessert to the preponderant population save for the oddball who is writing up this post right now. I do have a fiendish sweet tooth but my preferences tend to sway over to the lighter side of the spectrum such as Korean shaved/ snow ice, Asian herbal jellies, macarons etc.

Only twice have I actually been impressed and enamored with a baked cheesecake- first and foremost from the infamous Cheesecake Factory in America, and the second being from The Fed. No bias involved but I was actually surprised at how this turned out. Yes, I think I’m slowly starting to like this indulgent treat indeed.

Of course, one must take hundreds of photos as proof that this rare occurrence actually did happen (and narrow it down to only a few as not to overload my media storage space). A slight film  effect, a dainty cup of tea, and voila~







Pair with seasonal summer fruits, preferably one with slight acidity to cut through the richness. Be sure to share with friends and family and obtain their undying loyalty to you (yes, that’s the only reason why I like to give away baked goods :P)


4 thoughts on “New York Cheesecake

  1. First I’m pretty much in the same boat with you on cheese cake, however…..

    The Cheesecake Factory, filled with tens of different cheesecake…..the Great Cheesecake Factory, has disappointed me. I used to go there semi regularly when I lived in the states and loved it, was never really a fan of the overly complex variety but none the less loved the place. One day I was doing a job across the street from one and thought to myself “ya’know, it’s been awhile”, then walked on over looking for a delicious slice of cheese and graham cracker crust. This is where I found out that THEY CHANGED HOW THEY MAKE IT :( and was saddened deeply, it was thin, not even light but THIN or maybe there is a better word still. Either way I was disappointed in my visit and went back to another location the next week thinking maybe it was just an off cake, but nope got the scoop from the waitress and most of the cakes were different from before.

    So I’m not sure if I always liked lighter cheesecake, or if the cheese cake factory was just my standard and thus the influence on why I liked dense cheesecake and also with it’s absence why I find myself looking for fluffy? light, or just more interesting textures in my cheesecake.

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