Breakfast at The Glass Goose


The secret is out. The Glass Goose is officially open for breakfast! If you haven’t heard of The Glass Goose aka Auckland’s hottest rooftop bar, you need to go.  It became an immediate firm favourite of mine upon my first encounter with it here, and I was thrilled to hear it is now serving breakfast too.

First, the morning caffeine buzz was revved up with a Cappuccino ($4.00) served in an adorable glass cup.


I settled on a Smoothie Bowl- Organic berries, acai berry, banana, cinnamon, house made granola ($15.00) for a healthy start to the day.


The Glass Goose hands down wins this dish in every aspect. The slightly cinnamon-spiced smoothie was creamy and refreshingly cold, and was offset nicely with the crunchy granola and freeze dried blueberries. It was generously portioned, and they also added chia seeds to help full you up for a big day ahead when the fruit sugar wears off. It certainly kept me well sated for the rest of the afternoon, and I think I would probably order this again next time because I loved it that much.



The Agria potato waffle, smoked salmon, basil, avocado whip, lemon butter ($20.00) with poached eggs ($4.00) was a surprising, savoury twist on your traditional sweet waffles- think hash browns with its fluffy/ crumbly mashed potato interior and crispy edges but without all the grease. The avocado whip was very delicately flavoured and provided the luscious, creamy viscosity to tie it all up. A squeeze of lemon or slaw would have been nice to give this dish an extra bang of dimension with the mild flavours but perhaps that’s just me being picky; on the whole, this was a satisfying dish that you don’t actually realise is healthy while still being hearty.


And of course, it’s not poached eggs without a little eggporn

Whether you just want to have cocktails for breakfast (no joke, I saw a couple being concocted just before noon), an indulgent brunch, or a healthy kick start, The Glass Goose has put a lot of thought into covering all the bases.


The Glass Goose | | 78 Federal Street, Auckland

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11 thoughts on “Breakfast at The Glass Goose

  1. whoa wait, I thought you weren’t a coffee person, I feel like I remember you being into Chai instead…..

    Love the decoration and styling it’s very bright and honestly that bright and colourful smoothie bowl just wouldn’t be the same without it.

      1. HAHA! I knew it! good to hear you are still on the Chai boat, love the spicier ones mmmmmm :D good job taking mum out as well!

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