Winter Lookbook


I’m not very fond of winter. To be more precise, I’m talking about New Zealand’s winter in particular. Wet and windy are not the most ideal environment when it comes to fashion as you decide to salvage your nice clothes from getting soaked, by leaving them at home and reaching yet again for that trusty, thick coat which hides the fact that you’re wearing your pyjamas or comfy holey sweater underneath (surely we’ve all been there at some point). Every year, I get excited when I browse online websites from overseas, and every year I remember that their winters are cold yes, but DRY. Cue wails of despair as I remember that everything will be wet at the end of the day.

No doubt the entire population of New Zealand were lulled into a sense of false security that Autumn was here to stay as the warmth lingered on and the sun continued to kiss us from above. I myself was sceptical at first, but as May came to a close, I became almost 100% certain that the weather would stay as bright as my mood.

Alas, it was not to be. The storm came thunderously without warning, howling loudly to announce its presence and rattling the windows with the sheer force of its gales. The clear skies full with twittering birds were wiped clean and replaced with dark, looming clouds that were barely seen through the lashings of rain. I was not happy. It was going to be another wet, rainy winter after all.

After about a week of non-stop outpour, the rain disappeared without a trace as suddenly as it came, and the sun came back out in full blast. Sure, the temperature was still nearing zero degrees Celsius in the mornings, but the air was crisp and clean, and no humidity was felt. A miracle!! For the first time ever, I am excited to wake up in the mornings and layer up in an ensemble with thoughts other than cursing myself for having to even get out of my pyjamas.

Hello, Winter fashion! I’ve been waiting for many years!


Vivien Roll Neck Pullover ($164.90) | Adena Rib Sleeve Coat ($289.90)


I adore this jacket because it is slightly loose and comfortable, yet retains its casual shape in a structured way (rather than being straight up hobo style baggy). The black ribbed sleeves are part of the jacket so it looks like you’ve put effort into adding texture and layering up your look.


Ironically, this post is also sort of a commemoration for my last day at Decjuba- an Australian based retail clothing store where I’ve been blessed to work as a sales assistant part time and in the process, learn the art of basic human interaction (I used to be severely awkward and shy in person, but I think I’m out of the severe level now). The turtleneck sweater, jacket, and jeans featured above, and the stacked ring set below are all from Decjuba.


Stacked Ring Set in Rose Gold ($29.90)


Most likely you’ll find me wearing this outfit if this cold, sunny kind of weather keeps up, otherwise, it will be back to my “throw on whatever as fast and as lazily as possible” ensemble.

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “Winter Lookbook

  1. I wonder if this is the same rain that cursed Christchurch for nearly a week of straight rain. I’m enjoying the crisp cool air now, going to be sad when it’s gone.

  2. “salvage your nice clothes from getting soaked, by leaving them at home and reaching yet again for that trusty, thick coat which hides the fact that you’re wearing your pyjamas or comfy holey sweater underneath”- Definitely all been there,forever resorting to my Kathmandu jacket !! It was so good to have dry, crisp weather the past few days though

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