Ted Baker


If there is one brand that I feel is the epitome of my  own personal style, it would be Ted Baker. The simple, chic designs, the quality of the fabric, the florals, and the combination of cute with elegant is exactly the kind of look I love.

I couldn’t resist taking so many photos, it just comes out picture perfect in every setting. I didn’t want to spam my social media accounts either so, onto my blog it is!


The quality is beautiful. I almost bought a bag early last year when my hunt for a small shoulder bag began but refrained because I knew that even though it looks great in store, a few years down the track would render them worn out and bent/ floppy due to the cardboard-like durability. This bag is made with bovine leather and I love inhaling that genuine leather smell.



Inner lining is a grayscale floral print.





7 thoughts on “Ted Baker

  1. That bag looks beautiful! I totally agree with buying something which is of quality, so I also try to get handbags that are made out of leather. I love your style and blog by the way, you use the best lighting and every picture looks perfect. 💕

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