Beauty haul

Calling this a haul is a bit excessive. This is actually a pretty good round up of my almost my entire makeup collection. If you’re after professional makeup tutorials and reviews, I am definitely the wrong blog to be reading (my daily makeup consists of under eye concealer and eyeliner), but if you’re

a.) intrigued by unusual Korean beauty products you may not have encountered

b.) lazy like me and prefer products that ‘cheat’ a little, therefore enabling you to get ready with minimal time and effort

c.) bored, and slightly curious about what BS I’ll spout this time

then please, read on :)

EyeCandys is the place I go to for circle lenses because they actually have my prescription! My eyesight is really atrocious, and I’m talking about -6.5 here (I blame the days of reading books with a torch under the bed covers every night as a kid). As a result, most places in New Zealand don’t stock prescriptions that high/ low and if they do, they’re quite expensive. My first pair from Eyecandys was a grey colour which was very striking but now I’m leaning for a more subtle look so recently, I purchased the Geo Angel Brown.


It’s didn’t come out as light brown as I expected so if you’re after a natural look, this is a good choice, it gives your eyes the cute, enlarged dolly effect without screaming fake circle lenses. The packaging it comes in is super girly and bright pink *slight cringe* and the lenses come with a contact lens case, care instructions, and a reminder card for you to jot down the expiry date (you usually get about a years worth of wear out of them). Free shipping is included (hooray!) but it takes about 20 days to get to you if you’re in New Zealand.

The next product is by one of my favourite Korean brands. Below is Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (intensive).IMG_3684

I recently purchased this as I’ve heard that it is almost exactly the same as SK-II Facial treatment essence. It was initially marketed as a dupe but most reviews out there are claiming it’s actually better, and for less than half the price. The packaging is beautiful and the glass bottle it comes in makes it feel like an exclusive/ expensive product. I can’t comment on it yet, but if you’re interested, you can buy it or look up further info here.

Again, I’d like to reiterate how lazy I am, and my laziness makes me efficient, as strange as that sounds. To clarify, I mean I will look up ways that allow me to exert the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time to get ready because I absolutely abhor mornings and prefer to maximise my sleep ins as much as possible. Generally, I wake up 30 minutes before I leave the house haha. I also adore Missha’s Triple Perfection Eyeshadows which I pop on for days I feel require a little extra effort in appearance.

The above image is from Missha. If you’ve never quite grasped the art of blending various eyeshadows without turning into a panda, this is the perfect solution. It’s straightforward and idiot proof for people like me so there’s really no way you can go wrong. You can find them here.


This is a lip tint by Berrisom which is honestly genius. You squeeze and apply a generous layer onto your lips, let it dry (usually takes about 5-10 minutes), before peeling it off. The result? Your lips are stained in the colour of your choice and it lasts for pretty much the whole day. It’s also non-transferable so you won’t get any lipstick stains around your coffee cups. Basically, it’s like a temporary tattoo for your lips. My only gripe is that the tube doesn’t really hold much product so it does tend to run out fast. They’re around $12 online.


One thing I struggle with when finding the right product is when beauty YouTubers try SO many different brands, it’s really hard to narow down which one to get. I’m a minimalist (or probably just lazy) and prefer the one stop solution, and when you’re after one product (e.g. mascara), it’s hard to gauge which one is the best when they keep saying they have a new favourite every month.

One of my favourite beauty YouTubers JoanKeem recommended this product again and again in her favourites and empties which is really reassuring to hear. This is the Innifree No Sebum Mineral Powder which absorbs oil on your face. It’s an oil blotting paper in a powder version so if you tend to get a sheen on your face especially in summer, this will help your face stay matte. This is probably just me representing 1% of the population, but I hate the “highlighter/ strobe” look that’s trending so much right now, I just feel like everyone looks really sweaty??

As I don’t use any foundation or BB cream etc (unless there’s a special event), this helps brighten my face and gives it a slightly smoother look. It comes with a puff applicator and while the tub was smaller than I thought it would be, it lasts quite a while. I found that it helps set my under eye concealer and stops my eyeliner from smudging particularly on summer days, and  you can even use it as a dry shampoo too. Prices vary everywhere but I think this was about $18 from Mid City in Auckland CBD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, I’ve had this for a couple of months now and have just purchased another because it’s on sale so I’ll have a backup ready when I run out.

This is the SkinFood Salmon Dark circle concealer. I have permanent eye bags that no amount of sleep will help out. After scouring the internet and reading countless reviews (I have this embarrassing issue of having to be fully prepared and informed before making any decisions whether it be about eating out or purchasing something), I heard this was really good but I don’t know if it’s because my eye bags are just that bad because the dark shadows still show. Any recommendations out there??


What I can recommend however, is my trusty Maybelline eyeliner. Eyeliner was my first foray into the world of makeup and is the one thing I use everyday- usually on its own but this year, I have been getting adventurous and began using the above products too (I know my collection is scarce compared to all the other girls out there, but I think this is too much already haha). It lasts all day and all night for me, and one pot tends to give me a whole year of use.


My favourite perfume, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Not quite relevant to this post but I had just picked up my dslr camera for the first time in ages and couldn’t resist snapping away at random objects in my room.

P.S. I’m sorry my food posts have been on hiatus for a while. It’s simply because the only time I am able to dine out is usually at night, and poor lighting results in poor photos which I just feel aren’t good enough to post on here. I’ll be doing my best to schedule some brunch dates in while I am currently on holiday!




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