Hansik describes itself as modern and fusion Korean, or traditional Korean in a modern realm but the former sounds more apt.

My first experience was admittedly disastrous- I waited 40 minutes for my entree, and another 60 minutes for a bibimbap that never arrived by which point I was so hangry, I couldn’t bear it anymore and left to find comfort in a McFlurry.

My friends continued to rate this place really highly however so I decided to give it another go and popped in on a nice and quiet Friday afternoon for lunch. I ordered the Hansik Sashimi Set ($23.00).


What a stunning set meal! It was simple done well, and everything harmonized together seamlessly. Interestingly, it was very different to what was shown on the menu.


The sashimi was so beautiful and fresh, the thick slices ensured the delicate flavours would permeate the palate thoroughly. It truly needed nothing other than the slight dip into the soy sauce for a perfect mouthful.





Side dishes included deep fried chicken as above, and below is soybean soup, kimchi, seasoned seaweed, mashed potato, and a trio of seasoned carrots, bean sprouts and mushrooms. All were well seasoned without being bland nor overpowering the star of the show, the sashimi.


In saying that, the kimchi was on the safer side compared to those I’ve had in Korea and Korean restaurants in NZ. It was crisp and pungent but not so much that you walk away with a strong, garlicky breath after.

Lisa (she’s vegetarian) ordered the Tofu Steak Set- soy sauce based stir fried vegetables on pan fried tofu ($16.00).



Again, it came out different to the perceived photo on the menu. The tofu was deep fried with a delightful slightly chewy/ sticky batter and the sauce it was stir fried in was packed oodles of flavour (and oil).


The side dishes were the same as the sashimi set with the exception of the deep fried chicken, and mashed potato (which I passed over to her, much to her delight).


Thankfully, my second visit was a much more smooth sailing process than my first. The setting is great for business meetings with an inexpensive price tag. I’m not the right person to judge whether this is authentic or not, but I can tell you that it was a good meal nevertheless.

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