Earl Grey, Chocolate & Marshmallow tart




Hello baking! I have missed you. I was blessed to won an amazing package from The Food Show, courtesy of UltimateOmnoms and decided to make use of some of the amazing products in the box. The instant I saw the Fresh As freeze dried cherries, I knew a marshmallow had to be made (they taste amazing and 100 times better than artificial flavoured store bought marshmallows), and the Paneton Bakery tart shells as well as the Traid Aid chocolate block were exactly what I needed to make this Earl Grey Milk Chocolate & marshmallow tart.

Admittedly the marshmallow was supposed to be raspberry instead of cherry (I didn’t read the packaging properly and assumed raspberries), but the cherries worked just as well. Also, if you haven’t tried Earl Grey and milk chocolate, you must! I adore tea infused chocolates, and this was another winning combination.







I was under a tight time frame and hurriedly took the photos before rushing to uni to make it in time for my lab, and unfortunately the marshmallow was still liquefied. It made quite an artistic drip however, so I’m quite happy with the above shot! Below, you can see it was clearly getting out of hand ten seconds later. Fortunately, the marshmallow had set nicely by the time I returned from uni, and the flavour of the tart cherries had intensified nicely to subtly complement the sweet chocolate.


Another huge thanks to Ultimate Omnoms as these ingredients aren’t the cheapest and would have been quite an expensive baking session, but the quality of New Zealand brands cannot be denied. Flour, eggs, and butter yield little differences in baking- it’s usually about the technique (I’ve yet to meet someone who has eaten a cake who can immediately taste the organic-ness of the egg used), but with chocolate, the quality of it is a huge determining factor in its taste and texture. I’ve tried skimping in other baking endeavours by using Nestle baking chips which yielded an average dessert, but when using Whittakers, Lindt, Traid Aid etc, the chocolate will become so fudgy and smooth. I was genuinely surprised at how beautifully these tarts turned out.


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