Street Eats 2016

Shivering and bracing ourselves against the plunging temperatures and southerly wind swirling through the city last night, we walked briskly through the dark streets of the city and lo behold, Shed 10 was there shining brightly and invitingly like a beacon of hope on a cold Winter’s night. The building immediately enveloped you into its warmth, coaxing you in to join throngs of like-minded hungry people eager to delve into some hearty street food. The air was filled with the smell of smoke and complex spices, and sounds of live music, excited chatter and sizzling grills. It instantly gets you high with anticipation and excitement about the tantalizing fare to come!

I was invited courtesy of AirAsia which is based in Kuala Lumpur, so naturally the night was kicked off with a few Malaysian dishes from Papparich.

Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken Skin

I have always wanted to try the fried chicken skins, and boy were they good. If you love the crispy skin batter on KFC, this is exactly what you’d get (with different spices of course). Terrific as a bar snack and dangerously addictive, it’s worth your cheat meal.

Below are more photos of some of the food we got to devour last night. Please be careful, viewing the below photos may induce hangriness.

I Village- Masala Prawns
Akemi Gyoza- Japanese style fried dumplings
Fritz Wieners- European style hot dogs
Fritz Wieners condiments
Besos Latinos- Venezuelan Arepas (vegetarian)

This was quite similar to a Xi An style pancake especially the meat fillings, but I found the bread very doughy. Looking it up, the menu says gluten free which explains it so it’s nice to know there’s something for those with dietary requirements.

L’assiette- macarons supplied from J’aime Les Macarons

I was immensely excited when I spotted J’aime Les Macarons as I have heard songs being sung in praise in their name (not literally but almost). We tried the Plum & Blackberry and the Apple & Walnut. The texture of these are honestly 10/10. I was not prepared for how delicate and crumbly they were, hence there is no photo of the Plum & Blackberry as I pretty much almost destroyed it while holding it. Achieving that texture requires true skill!

Apple & Walnut macaron
Coreano- Korean spicy pork nachos

Who knew Korean and Mexican would go so well together?? I was never a fan of nachos but these may have converted me. Perhaps because I am more accustomed to the spice of Korean chilli paste rather than that of Tabasco sauce and the fact that the meat was cut in thick slices rather than being a glop of questionable mince, these were impressive in looks and in taste.

Billy- Apple Cider

To quench the thirst we had worked up, my partner opted for Billy red apple cider which was very subtly sweet and fruity while still tasting like a beer. The time flew by so fast that shortly after this drink was ordered, we were quite startled at hearing the announcement that the event was coming to an close so it was a nice way to end the night. I’m gutted I didn’t have time to get that glass of Riesling which I told myself I would come back for but I suppose that’s something to look forward to next year.

Thanks again to AirAsia for providing me with some great food and for making this event possible for Aucklanders, I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that I had a great time. As a leading low-cost airline, they are also promoting affordable travel fares to Asia, details which can be found here if you are feeling the need for wanderlust!


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