Marua Road Cafe


Marua Road Cafe is the newest addition to the Mt Wellington suburbs and it was clear by the never ending influx of eager diners that it was doing something right. It matches perfectly with the industrial surroundings, there is on site parking and it is in a prime location of being a short drive from Sylvia Park, what more can you ask for?

They were clearly unprepared by the explosive popularity as there wasn’t enough staff to smoothly run the floor but they were always smiling, polite and friendly which immediately abated the hanger (hungry anger). Despite the lunch time rush, the kitchen handled the pressure well and our food came out in good time.

We ordered Salt and Pepper Calamari- mixed greens, charred lemon, aioli ($16.00).img_4337


This calamari salad was simple but executed well. The calamari was tender and well seasoned with a punch of spice while the batter on the exterior was crisp.

Shakshuka- free range eggs baked in a roasted tomato and capsicum sauce, yoghurt feta whip($18.00).img_4324img_4328

We can never say no to this dish, it’s always a winning combination of hearty and healthy. I really need to learn how they infuse so much flavour into the tomatoes, it is never the same at home!


Thank you Marua Road Cafe, you took the plunge and brought something to the Eastern suburbs that we never realised we all needed. My only small gripe is that I felt the dishes were a bit too light for a light meal and could be more substantial by making the serving sizes slightly more generous, or by adding in some grains or bigger slices of bread to fill us up for the day. Their menu contained all of my brunch favourites so I know I’ll be able to return often and happily get something new each time. I was hoping this would remain a hidden gem but that time has long gone and it is obviously too good not to share. If you’re after a new local go-to, you’re going to have to prepare to fight me for your table in this one.

Marua Road Cafe | 159 Marua Road, Mt Wellington |

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