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Major Sprout is currently the go-to choice when looking for a cafe to impress your friends. It was an early birthday celebration for me (my birthday is actually on Monday 26th September) and I was originally not planning on doing anything but my dear friend Nadia (bless her kind soul) insisted on planning a little brunch date with special friends for me.

The weather was gloomy but the cafe inside was invitingly bright and warm, as were the staff. They were so thoughtful the entire time. Upon seeing my cake box, our server promptly offered a marble platter for me to display it on. Noticing that my friends were late, she checked up on me from time to time, making sure my water glass was topped up and asking whether I would want to order a drink first in a way that was comfortable without being overbearing which is a hard skill to master.

Hazelnut cake
Lime Sea Salt house-made soda ($6.00)
Mocha ($5.00)
Peanut Buttercup smoothie- banana, Fix & Fogg peanut butter, cacao powder, medjool dates, almond milk ($9.00)

This is not the guilty indulgence you’re looking for. It’s not rich like a milkshake as it is banana based so it’s quite fruity rather than heavy on the cacao and sweetness so if you’re trying to be healthy but can never resist a bit of decadence then this is the smoothie for you.

Ginger latte ($4.50)

The ginger latte doesn’t contain coffee and is made with almond milk. I loved it. I was initially worried it would be quite subdued but the welcome burn of the ginger was still quite prominent and worked beautifully with the sweetness. The marshmallow had the stronger kick and dunking it in the latte intensified it nicely.

Off topic but I think Major Sprout would do an amazing Pumpkin Spiced Latte (please please please) because a certain company has somehow produced a version that tastes like remnants of a shattered heart. No tingly warmth was felt while drinking it unlike the ginger latte above.


Mushrooms & Gnocchi- Pickled oyster mushrooms, pan-fried mushrooms, truffled potato gnocchi, 62 degrees hens egg ($20.00)

This dish was quite rich with the earthy mushrooms, the lusciously runny yolk, and the very buttery gnocchi. The truffle flavour subtly enhanced the gnocchi and made you think twice about where that unique taste was coming from.

Clockwise from left: Mushrooms & Potato Gnocchi // side of Smoked Salmon // Kumara Skins
Beetroot & Haloumi salad- golden beetroot, barley, greens, candied walnut ($21.00)

This was my dish which looked like a dessert with its vibrant colours and careful haphazardness. A generous sprinkling of the table salt provided was needed to lift it up a little for me however.

Green Eggs Benedict- poached eggs, potato rosti, sauteed spinach with smoked salmon ($19.50)

Can we all just applaud the smoked salmon being an actual piece of smoked salmon? As in a fillet of fish being cooked in smoke, not the slimy strips you get from the supermarket.

Kumara Skins ($7.00)
Sous Vide Chicken- hummus, chickpea, grilled cauliflower, quinoa ($22.00)


This was proclaimed to be beautifully presented, and surprisingly filling. If you’re sceptical about how healthy this place looks, fear not because the superfood grains will be sure to keep you sated. Bear in mind that if you’re someone who loves a good, hearty meal, you’re probably less likely to be impressed as it is the epitome of  a mindful eating niche (eating slowly to savour the flavours until you are sated but not full) but if you’re a bit of a health nut, this will definitely wow you.

A huge thank you to my amazing friends who are always there for me and went out of their way to make time in their busy schedules for an amazing catch up!

Major Sprout | 21 Graham Street, Auckland CBD |

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One thought on “Major Sprout

  1. I love Major Sprout!! You have to try out there sesame seed seared Tuna next time -I’m pretty convinced it’s the best Tuna I’ve ever eaten!! I will have to try out their beetroot and halloumi salad next though- it looks so pretty!! also Happy Birthday !! X

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