Scarlett Slimms & Lucky

Scarlett Slimms is a place I have visited many times but never bothered to bring my camera along for proper photos because the food is just too irresistible to spend too long taking photos of. Their fare clearly focuses on the food and flavour, and looks naturally mouth-watering rather than those whose presentation is solely designed for “the ‘gram”.

To start, we shared an extremely generous Entree Platter (half sized)- goujon squid / bbq chicken wings / onion rings / chips ($25.00).


This contains your typical crowd favourites all on one platter for the indecisive ones out there. Scarlett Slimms has a fantastic drinks menu (I always get their red wine Sangria) and this would be the perfect accompaniment for those here for the drinks alone, and for those dining too.


Create your own- Fish of the day / bang bang prawns / chopped salad / root vegetables / tandoori yoghurt ($32.00)img_4436

I know for sure that if I worked there, I’d be saying WTF so many times throughout the night at some bizzare combinations that would no doubt be ordered. My dish was incredibly good and that is probably not due to my choices but the chef’s ability to make everything work cohesively together.

Chopped Slaw with Bang Bang prawns on the back right.

Whiskey marinated Scotch Fillet- bang bang prawns/ spicy honey mustard / port wine jus ($32.00)

How succulent and juicy does that steak look? I never understood the surf and turf combination before (standard grilled prawns anybody?) but these prawns were coated in a batter that had a slight wasabi kick to it and fried until just cooked so the prawn retained that slightly springy crunch, and then tossed in an umami explosion of a sauce. 


We ended the night with the Valrhona Ice Cream- valrhona chocolate / peanut butter / flamed marshmallow / caramel ($14.00) which was very addictive and despite being food coma’d (I was kind of splayed out on the sofa seating trying to remember how to breathe), the spoon could not stop itself from digging  in.

I tried my best to counteract the non-natural lighting as you can probably tell from the differing colour tints in the photos but I think that overall, the red neon lighting of the Scarlett sign behind us added in some charm and appeal.

Also, do you know what I’ve just realised? Despite featuring many eateries on my blog, most of my favourites have never actually made an appearance. This is partly due to the fact that I usually visit them for dinner and am terrible with photographing food under anything but natural sunlight, and the second reason is probably because I’m rather selfish and possessive about them. The latter reason is rather silly because they’re already explosively popular and I don’t have much effect anyway.

FYI, my favourite palces in Auckland in no particular order are:

  • Mekong Baby in Ponsonby (South-East Asian fusion)
  • Lucky Buddha on Fort St, CBD (Asian Fusion)
  • Scarlett Slimms and Lucky in Mt. Eden (American influenced)
  • Fokker Bros in Viaduct, CBD (Bugers)
  • Jinzzaroo in East Tamaki (Chinese-Korean)
  • Poong Ro in East Tamaki (Korean BBQ)
  • Petit Bocal in Sandringham (French influenced)
  • Selera in Newmarket (Malaysian)

Yes I’m guilty of going to some eateries only for the pretty photos, you might notice I only go once and/ or talk about it very neutrally but there is definitely a reason why I always come back here (and the other favourites as mentioned above).  Also, I should probably challenge myself on the night lighting and do some posts of the above restaurants…

Photo taken with Samsung S6

Scarlett Slimms & Lucky | | 476 Mt Eden Road, Auckland

Scarlett Slimms and Lucky Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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