Burger Burger

Burger Burger requires no introduction. It has led the Auckland dining scene into it’s foray of the burger boom and has remained a firm favourite amongst Aucklanders for being your casual go-to place for a good time without breaking the bank. I’ve visited quite a few times before but only remembered to bring my camera this time.


Our brunch was off to an indulgent start with a Chocolate & Peanut Butter thickshake ($10.00). 

img_4483I have heard endless praises being sung about the milkshakes here and it certainly deserves every single one. The thickshake had none of that artificial flavouring (although I must admit I love that cheap taste, having had limitless access while helping my parents out in their takeaway as a kid), and was lusciously creamy without being sickeningly sweet.

I can’t stress this enough, you cannot skip the Potato Skins with Truffle aioli ($8.00). 


There is this enticing aroma that wafts over you as it is set on your table that simply makes your mouth water. If you have never had truffle before, it is unmistakably unique and really uplifts normal spuds into a rather frenzied addiction. Sometimes they’re peeled/ sliced too thickly which causes it to lose its crispiness and renders them into wedges rather than potato skins but we had a great batch this visit.

El Loco Gamba- Coconut prawns, Mainland Creamy Havarti, Cos Lettuce, Guacamole, Sweetcorn, Mango & Chilli Salsa, Chipotle Mayo & Fresh Coriander ($16.00)



Burger Burger rarely does seafood specials so I immediately jumped at the opportunity when this one was featured. The prawns are big and juicy with the crispiest coconut coating you could ask for. I hope they continue bringing more seafood burger specials, this one was a refreshing change to the usual fish burger and I would want to order it again. The flavours were not as zingy as one would expect however, it was lost in the rich, buttery brioche bun. Also, more sauce please!

Beef Burger- Savannah Grass-fed Beef Patty (100% Beef), Homemade Pickles, Tomato Jam, Mustard, Mayo ($12.00)


This did not impress us very much. The patty was dry with a rather tough texture and lacked the extra magic one would expect from a $12 burger. All in all, a standard choice. To be honest, I feel that the burgers on their standard menu do not stand out, you’re better off coming here for the specials.

While the burgers look small, they’re actually quite rich and filling. They don’t take bookings and are generally packed every day of the week so get in early if you plan on visiting :)


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