La Zeppa

La Zeppa occupies one of the many notable restaurants in Freemans Bay, standing out from the competition with its tapas and rooftop bar. Despite the gloomy weather, the restaurant provided the most welcoming dining atmosphere with a blazing warm fireplace, proving that it was a flexible choice for all social occasions whether it be summer or winter, to an intimate dinner or a boisterous group function.


Pimms Jug- Pimms, mint, fresh fruit, and ginger ale ($24.00)

This was quite a refreshing drink and subtle in sweetness and fruitiness, but we had to question the presence of any alcohol at all. It wasn’t until the end of the night that we began feeling every so slightly woozy, but bear in mind that we have extremely low alcohol tolerance so if you’re the same, this is the drink for you. If you’re after something stronger, it’s probably better to stick to the beers and wines on offer.

Pork Belly with apple, and cauliflower cream ($26.00)
Lamb Rump with aubergine, broad beans, and natural yoghurt ($28.00)
Curly Fries with aioli ($8.00)
Lamb Pinchos with walnut tarator ($13.00)
Sesame Crusted Beef Kofta with tzatziki ($14.00)

We ordered a variety of dishes to share, none of which appeared in any specific order. We assumed the tapas were being provided individually first as an entree sort of style but were confused when the last one came after we had finished our large platters. The pork belly was my favourite dish of the day although the serving size seemed rather small for what it was charging under the large plates section. This was the overall agreement for all the dishes we had ordered but then again, I’ve yet to encounter a place where tapas were considered cheap or reasonably priced.

For the atmosphere, it’s definitely the kind where you come for a splurge possibly due to a sense of freedom and recklessness after one too many drinks at their more-than-welcoming bar and a place that is bound to impress if you’re looking for your next social gathering.

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine here but all opinions remain my own and I strive to remain as truthful and objective as possible for the trust of my readers.



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