Velvet Burger on Federal Lane

The opening of yet another Velvet Burger branch speaks of its popularity for itself. Known as the go-to for an affordable and filling feed, this new branch ups the game a notch with its swanky new fit out and convenient location.

I enlisted the help of a few friends who were avid Velvet Burger fans and together, we compiled a meal that would later send us into a food coma’d state of bliss. To share, we ordered Hashies ($5.50) and Native Kumara Chips ($7.50).


Native Kumara Chips
Big Bird ($10.90) with pineapple, mango, and mushrooms
Mini Animal Rights ($9.90) with mushrooms and beetroot

While the burgers are large, the fillings tend to be on the scarcer side (despite the displayed menu photos) so I highly recommend making use of the extras to bulk up your burger to achieve that juicy, photogenic deliciousness like the above photos.

Velvet Lady ($14.90)
The Stag ($13.90)

There is something on the menu for everybody, whether you’re a conscious eater (you can switch the buns for lettuce) or quite frankly the opposite and intend on planning on eating until you’re unconscious.

The use of wooden boards and wired basket adds a massive improvement to the upmarket new look compared to the other branches of Velvet Burger, making it the obvious go-to choice when you want an affordable burger feed with your co-workers, friends, or significant other without subjecting them to questioning whether you’re on the “$10 left until next payday” diet.

Overall, this new Federal St branch is a good easy spot for no fuss food and a couple of drinks in a central location.

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine here but all opinions remain my own and I strive to produce honest and truthful reviews for the trust of my readers.



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