Zomato Foodie Meet Up: La Zeppa

I was invited to La Zeppa by Zomato for a Foodie Meet Up and given the disappointing visit I had last time, I decided that perhaps it was a sign to give the place another chance. I’m glad I did because the meal that was delivered was nothing short of incredible.

To kick off the night, K and I went for a vodka / whisky in coke.


The first round of tapas were brought out quickly, beginning with Housemade flatbread, pumpkin hummus, zatar and Warm olives, fennel, orange, thyme.


Housemade flatbread, pumpkin hummus, zatar

The housemade flatbread was warm and pliable with scant leavening so the bread had that perfect balance of being slightly doughy and fluffy inside, and lightly charred and crisp from the hot pan on the outside. There was nothing more comforting than tearing into that soft flatbread and smearing on some of that creamy pumpkin hummus. It was even better when topped off with a couple of the warm olives too.

Warm olives, fennel, orange, thyme

Jugs of White Sangria (crisp Sauvignon Blanc, peach schnapps, cognac, fresh fruits, ginger ale) and Rosé Sangria (fresh Rosé, vodka, strawberry, mint, fresh fruit) induced us into a rather carefree and unrestrained state of mind.


While it wasn’t as punchy as others I’ve tried, it is still the ultimate drink to get that festive Summer mood in full swing. You get your 5+ a day with this refreshing cocktail so what’s not to love? It’s practically a detox if you think about it very, very subjectively.


The Pork cheek croquette, apple, radish was melt-in-your mouth tender but I was unable to pick up any zingy freshness of apples or radishes in there. A garlic or lemon aioli would have uplifted the croquette and made this dish a perfect one for me.


Pork Cheek Croquette / Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus / Flatbread

The classic Spanish Paella, mussels, prawns, chorizo had to make an appearance of course. We found the paella more like a risotto, but the fresh, plump seafood and flavours enhanced by the meaty, spicy chorizo were good.


I also adored this Baked celeriac, mushroom, kale. The celeraic is quite starchy and firm like a taro or potato so if you’re trying to skip the fries, this will be a nice alternative.


The Lamb rump, aubergine, broad beans, natural yoghurt was almost a complete 180 to the dish I tried on my previous visit. The lamb rump was sliced so it was more tender, and the natural yoghurt was deliciously garlicky and full of umami. The flavours of this dish were much more cohesive together.img_4849

The Braised short rib, smoked potato, roasted onion, leaves had been braised for eight hours until it was tender and almost falling completely off the bone. Our eyes were ogling in awe at the size of it when it was brought out. img_4874-3

By this time, we were patting our stomachs contentedly but of course, there is always a second stomach for dessert. Enter the Milk chocolate cremeux, cocoa nib, mandarinimg_4875-2

Make that a 3rd stomach actually, for the Meyer Lemon cremeux, strawberries, thymeimg_4880-2

Jokes again, we had another dessert after this but I was in such a food coma’d state that I was unable to even exert enough energy to take a photo. All three desserts were glorious and ranged variably for all your sweet tooth cravings from the luxuriously indulgent dark chocolate to the light and refreshing strawberries and also to the comforting, warm Apple Empanadas. I’m normally unimpressed by restaurant desserts but these are worth staying for rather than heading off for some elsewhere.

Perhaps I went on an off day at the time of my visit, or perhaps the chefs decided to pay particular attention for this Zomato foodie meet up, so it seems a third visit is in order to determine which it is. Nevertheless, we all had a great time gushing over the food that fine summer’s night on the rooftop bar.


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