Po’ Brothers

Po’ Brothers is a Pan-Asian restaurant located in Ponsonby, and the affordable prices with generous portions served without pretentiousness is exactly what makes it stand out from the rest of the street.

I came here a while ago to meet up with a bunch fellow food enthusiasts and I am glad it did not disappoint. P.S. By a while ago, it was like two months ago. The food was excellent but my photos were not, so I had to come to terms with accepting the fact I would be sharing my terrible night time photography. Sorry about the delay in posting…

The restaurant is small and intimate (aka dimly lit but it’s all part of the atmosphere). The dishes at are meant for sharing, so it’s best to come with a group so you can make the most of the menu.

Chicken Karaage- crunchy chicken thigh, with Japanese sweet chilli mayonnaise ($10.00).img_4895-2

We were mightily impressed at how crisp the chicken remained despite having been forced to sit there for quite a while as we attempted to achieve the perfect angle and shot.

Prawn Sashimi- raw prawns covered in “at Bangkok” spicy seafood dressing ($14.00)img_4899

This was delicate and refreshing, yet still packed a punch of flavour.

Pork Belly Chilli Jam- round bean, curry paste, lime leaf, and pickled kachai ($15.00)img_4902

Sticky sweet and the kind of deliciousness that requires rice or roti to soak up all the sauce; not for the faint hearted.

Beef Brisket Jungle Curry- kachai, lime, leaf basil, peppercorn and round bean ($15.00)img_4910-2

The only dish that is not pictured is the Ms Ho Som Tum- pork belly, soft shell crab, green papaya, and carrot salad with peanuts ($15.00) which was my favourite dish of the night. The soft shell crab had the largest amount of meat I had ever seen compared to the usual 70:30 batter to crab ratio at other eateries.


And of course, the dessert that convinced us all to come: Deep Fried Bao ($8.00). They were as sinful as they looked. The bao that was crunchy outside and yet fluffy and airy inside, enveloped the ice cream in a warm, loving embrace. Pure love. A match made in heaven.

Birthday Cake
Green Tea with Red Bean

We left the restaurant raving about the service and the food. The staff there were truly lovely and made sure that our meal was going well, and even kindly topped up the ice cream when we devoured it ahead of the bao. Po’ Brothers has a new menu coming out so these probably won’t be available anymore, but I hope that the new dishes continue to reflect the great prices and portions that has made me fall in love with it.

Po’ Brothers | 185 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | facebook

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