iTi, Titirangi

“Treetop restaurant” was all I needed to hear to make this restaurant a destination worth the drive out. I wasn’t too sure what to expect; a restaurant perched high above on tree branches like an actual tree-house sounded like an infrastructure too advanced for our country’s standards but nor was I expecting to see the restaurant was casually sitting in the street like the rest of the shops when parking outside. My initial sense of alarm and apprehension of having fallen into a media trap was slightly unfounded because the back deck of the restaurant happens to jut out above a spectacular foliage of trees. The use of full length glass windows maximises the picturesque nature to their full advantage and allows natural light to filter in and create a bright and airy look.



I admire how they’ve decided to go with a chic interior rather than a rustic theme as one would have typically expected. The resulting look: a sophisticated and relaxed bar/ cafe/ restaurant to suit the needs for all occasions.


We were here for brunch but I could immediately tell that this was definitely a place where you’d want to spend your evenings sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. Despite having an aversion to daytime drinking (it just feels weird?), I couldn’t resist getting a glass of Rosé. That’s how good the vibes were. My dining companion on the other hand, kept well within the rules of “how to brunch” and ordered a mocha.


To share, we ordered the BBQ Pork Flatbread, Pickled Onions, Mustard ($10.00)


For me, the Tuna Nicoise Salad, Olive Tapenade, Twice Cooked Egg ($14.00)


My dining companion opted for the Butternut Gnocchi, Semi-dried Tomato, Beetroot Salad, Candied Walnut, Napoli Sauce ($14.00)


All three dishes were well priced but flavour-wise, there was something missing. The sauces did not quite tie up the components together, nor gave it that extra oomph. The textures and presentations were done well but unlike the interior, the food needed a bit more than just looks to pass the bar. That’s not to say it was bad per se, simply more of an under-seasoning issue. Just pass the salt.


iTi | 421 Titirangi Rd, Auckland |

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