Meadow Restaurant is located in Meadowbank, and I fall in love with it again and again each time I visit. It’s the perfect place for sophisticated dining while still being tranquil and relaxing. The design remains one of my favourite restaurants to date- the navy blue hues with white furniture, offset with green hedges gives off a rather hamptons style feel. You’re immediately greeted by the fine looking bar and casually elegant dining room that has obviously hosted many trendy social gatherings.


We opted to take advantage of the lingering summer sun and dined outside in the courtyard outside which was the perfect image of a beautiful suburban retreat. Well groomed hedges and trees were vibrantly lush against the clean slates of grey and the kitchen had an open window right next to the tables which feels a lot more connected, almost as if they’re rustling up masses of food for the family summer bbq.


We were rather indecisive that day and our options were cleared up and decisions made with the help of the well informed staff. The food at here always has been consistently good and it is the sort of place I hate to share because I love it so much although sadly, the prices have been slowly increasing over the year.

Crispy skinned gurnard, tomato, cockle, and chardonnay broth ($29.00)img_6395img_6393

Grilled sardines on toast, asparagus, soft boled egg, lemon parsley olive oil, dukkah ($21.00)img_6396img_6411

Vegan banana bread, hazelnut and cocoa butter, candy banana ($12.00)img_6407

I was doubtful when I saw the word vegan next to banana bread but ended up loving it even more than the normal variety. It was wholesome, hearty, and all the more better for you.

This is my fifth time at Meadow, and the fifth time I’m impressed. The menu changes seasonally but doesn’t tend to be updated on their website, but I know that I’ll continue to be pleasantly surprised and satisfied each time (and that is coming from a picky eater who always has to read the menu before visiting a restaurant).


Meadow | 20 St Johns Road, Meadowbank |

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2 thoughts on “Meadow

  1. I went to Meadow recently and had mixed feelings.
    The service was puzzling as the restaurant wasn’t busy when I arrived. We were seated next to the outdoor blind and it was too cold despite the blankets we were offered. I was frozen by the time I got home later. After that we were left alone with no-one coming to take our order so had to get up and find a waiter. We had to do that twice. The young man who served us made the night frankly, he was great. Not sure where all the other staff disappeared to as he seemed to do everything for everyone, and very graciously as well.
    The food was stunningly flavoursome though overpriced. The coffee was amazing. But the cold and the noise meant I will, sadly, think twice about going to Meadow again.

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