Winona Forever

Parnell has welcomed a new eatery which has hit the ground running, and captured the hearts of diners from the get-go. The rainy day did not seem to deter anybody and even at 1:30 ish pm, the cafe looked as though lunch rush hour had just started. You may find that the cabinet of food looks every bit as delectable as the one from Hello Friends + Allies, and that is because the owners decided to expand with Winona Forever.


The coffee here is well made, and the service accommodating despite the hectic chaos.

Squid Bruschetta – marinated squid on a 45 cm artisan baguette with garlic aioli, slow roasted tomato in herb olive oil and summer greens ($21.00)

Green Breakfast Bowl – charred broccolini and asparagus tossed with kale, pickled red cabbage, red onion, roasted capsicum, alfalfa sprouts finished with a wedge of avocado, chilli and lime dressing, a sprinkling of toasted seeds and a poached egg ($18.00)IMG_6156-2IMG_6157-2

The food substantial and looked as pretty as a picture. We regretted not having room in our stomachs for the French Toast that is currently dominating social media with its mouth-watering and photogenic pictures. There are mixed reviews amongst my friends which sounds similar to that of my experience from their sister cafe Hello Friends & Allies, but based on this brunch outing, we had a great lunch.

P.S. There is an easier way to access Winona Forever via the main street of Parnell, but my dining companion and I inadvertently took the more confusing route through this modern apartment-like / business-looking complex. Big thumbs up to whoever designed this, it looks stunning and would make a clean backdrop for all those hipsters or fashionistas out there :)


Winona Forever | 100 Parnell Road, Parnell | facebook

Winona Forever Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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