Po’ Brothers revisited

Po’ Brothers is the sort of place you can easily station as your “go-to” eatery for dining out. The variety of options, affordable prices, and smart-casual dining room makes it an easy option all round. Upon my second visit, we decided to try a few things from their new menu, as well as some favourites that managed to stick around.

“Po Chon” Chicken Wings – deep fried chicken wings covered in spicy Bon chon sauce ($14.00)IMG_6497

Ms Ho Som Tum – pork belly, soft shell crab, chilli, lime, green papaya and carrot salad with peanuts ($15.50)IMG_6522

The 3 Kings – beer battered king prawn, soft shell crab, squid, onion, coriander and cos lettuce covered in hot and spicy salad dressing ($24.00)IMG_6505-3

Chicken Karaage – crunchy chicken thigh drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise served with Thai Sweet chili ($10.00)IMG_6501

Chilli Lava – seafood, round bean, curry paste, lime leaf, and pickled kachai ($18.50)IMG_6512

Be warned that all dishes tend to pack a punch of umami, and after a while, all start tasting like the same sweet-spicy-sticky sauce if you don’t balance out your choices wisely. I recommend going for more of the subtle and refreshing dishes to revolve around one or two of the stronger ones, lest you be chugging away a few litres of water throughout the meal.

There is a lot to like about Po’ Brothers, we once again walked away with our wallets intact and our bellies close to bursting. If you haven’t been yet, this cheap and cheerful eatery needs go up on your bucket list.

Po’ Brothers | 185 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | facebook


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